Children today are subject to many adverse energies and situations we never had to cope with. You can help them immensely by making sure the Feng Shui of their bedroom is at its optimum. This simple Feng Shui advice will very often smooth out emotions, improve attitudes and school grades as well.   You will find that children will sleep better, be happier and healthier.

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Here Are 10 Important Tips:

  1. Beds should be placed so the child can see the door while lying in bed.
  2. Make sure the head is not located where there are any electronics behind on the other side of the wall. Furthermore, the head should not be on a wall where the toilet or shower are located against.
  3. Move all electronics – computers, clocks, radios, speakers, portable phones and cell phones at least 5 feet from their heads.
  4. Avoid bunk beds especially metal ones. They affect sleep and cause headaches.
  5. For teenagers, both sides of the bed should be at least 1 ½ to 2 feet away from a wall.
  6. TV’s, electronic game stations and computers should be in cabinets behind doors or covered with fabric during the night. No falling asleep with the TV on.
  7. Wireless devices especially Wi-Fi should be turned off at night and when not in use.
  8. Examine the art in the room closely. Only positive and uplifting art and messages should be allowed. Take down all pictures, posters and sayings that have negative content such as posters of war and violence, symbols of death such as skulls, things in motion like airplanes, trains, motorcycles and so on. Scary toys: Monsters, Aliens, Carnivores such as lions, wolves and yes, dinosaurs, birds of prey – hawks and eagles especially if talons are depicted. For the younger set, even cartoon characters that are mischievous by design. All stuffed animals overhead such as bears, lions, tigers, crocodiles etc. should be placed on the floor or put away in the closet, (except the favorite teddy bear that gets taken to bed).
  9. Limit cell phone calls and texting as much as possible. Children under 12 should not use them at all except in emergencies. It has been proven that 15 minutes on the cell scrambles the brain and the ability to do computations for at least two hours. Damage to Brain cell DNA and tumors can occur.Baby-Phone
  10. A few books placed in view just inside your home’s entrance door are subtle reminders to the subconscious, encouraging reading and being studious.



Remotes can be invaluable in Real Estate deals where time is of the essence and decisions on purchase of property need to be made quickly. In many cases, Feng Shui issues can be resolved rather quickly.  Remote Feng Shui using the Internet is a great way for my far away clients to reach me. By performing remote consultations, I can help many more persons from almost anywhere.

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