…the beginning


Born in Salem Mass – the Witch City, my growing up was pretty conventional. I served in the Coast Guard after graduating as a Chemical Engineer from Northeastern University. The cutter I was assigned to covered the North Atlantic – East of Newfoundland and below Greenland. As a Quartermaster 2nd Class Petty Officer, my duties were navigation, signaling and helmsman. At sea for a month at a time, the weather was often miserable and stormy so we could hardly ever go topside – in fact, we were caught in a couple of hurricanes. The hurricanes had continuous waves up to 100 ft. high (see movie “the Perfect storm”). The 311 foot ship was tossed around like a little cork by the gigantic waves. I thought of the Titanic and the freezing water. I was scared – I thought for sure we would not make it. The old WWII seaplane tender was a surplus gift from the Navy and truly a “rust bucket”. It was like living on a roller coaster for 2 – 3 days with the only possible heading was straight into the monster waves, unable to turn around. At some point, I finally got a grip on my fears and decided if I was going to die I might as well enjoy the ride. After that I was fine and even the hurricanes were almost “a piece of cake”. That realization about life stuck with me from then on.

After the service, I began my first real job as an Assistant Mfg. Manager at a start-up company: Solid State Products. SSPI manufactured solid state trigistors which among other applications were used by NASA’s space programs to separate the astronaut capsule from the rocket upon re-entry. As the company grew, I eventually worked my way up to manager of manufacturing and engineering.

The Journey Inward Begins

 My journey into the exploration of the spirit and the unseen began when my wife arranged for us to have an astrology reading by the famous psychic astrologer and author Isabel Hickey.

She informed us we would move soon and needed to learn to meditate and study “progressive” ideas because in a short time we would be teaching it to others. Meditation is for hippies, I thought, not for me. Reading my mind, she immediately added: “No matter, you will be doing just that within a year”. She also revealed other things to us that all eventually happened as predicted. True to her predictions, within a few months I received a job offer from IBM and moved to Virginia.


The year after settling in, we started a meditation group and yes, we were teaching meditation.

Approximately, a year after that, we began training with a spiritual group that led to becoming ordained Ministers of Awareness. Also during my stay in Virginia I was able to obtain training in Homeopathy from Dr. David Wember MD. Head of the National Association of Homeopathic Physicians. The course was designed for use as Homeopathic First Aid. I also received “Touch for Health” training from Chiropractor Dr. Mark Smith then a student of John H. Thie DC. Incidentally, there were no “certifications” offered in most of the fields I delved into at that time because they were new and not accepted by the mainstream medical community. I did however become certified in “Psychegenics” another new area of healing by Dr. Win Winger PHD. It was an innovative technique for relaxing the body/mind that allowed a form of regression to occur.

It was amazing to me to discover so many healing systems at this particular time. I was able to learn to use Color Healing to heal my family and learned E-Therapy – a unique healing method developed by Beau Kitzleman of the La Jolla Institute of Integration.

Eight years later, I was fortunate to transfer to Tucson when IBM opened a new facility that included creating a pilot line lab for the development of custom solid state computer circuits. My expertise involved most aspects of semiconductor chip technology and specifically photolithography processes.


In Tucson, we founded “The SouthWest Awareness Institute”, a non- profit foundation dedicated to the teaching of meditation and healing. I was, at the same time, active as President in a new age group called Mind, Matter and Metaphysics – a venue for alternative thought healers to lecture to the public.

Still searching, I attended Wesland School of Hypnotherapy and became certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Hawaiian Geomancy

During my tenure as Director of SWAI, I met Hawaiian Kahuna Abraham Kawaii. A most wise and powerful healer, Kahu Abraham was the first Kahuna to leave and teach ancient Hawaiian traditions outside of Hawaii. He gave several lectures and taught workshops at SWAI and other places in Tucson, California and of course Hawaii. It was in Maui that I heard Kahu first speak about Huli Honua & Hui Hui Pue On’e On’e – Hawaiian Geomancy. As I detailed later in my book “Feng Shu Keys,” I was fascinated by the concept of structure and placement and its effect upon the health and attitudes of people. I asked Kahu if I could study Geomancy with him and he replied: “Yes, and you would be good at it too.” With that surprising endorsement, my studies began. I didn’t discover ‘till later that Hawaiian Geomancy is very similar to Feng Shui except it does not have any written rules or specific cures. Kahu taught an intuitive process that vastly improves the seen and unseen energies that flow within land and structure thus transforming spaces into much more harmonious and livable places.

Within a relatively short time I began applying Geomancy concepts wherever I could. Fortunately for me, a series of highly publicized yearly conventions called “Whole Life Expos” opened that were a great venue for introducing Geomancy to the public. For 4 years I lectured, twice in the Los Angeles Expo followed by San Diego & Santa Fe. These lectures provided exposure and obtained clients including a few well known celebrities.

Coincidentally, while learning Geomancy, I also joined the American Society of Dowsers (ASD) Tucson chapter which soon led to certification as an Advanced Dowser. There were many “old Time” dowsers who were very willing to teach what they knew to a newcomer like me. Chief among those were experts Homer Hefty, Carroll Baker, Vince Wyberg and others.

Dowsing is an enormously valuable tool and I immediately began introducing my Dowsing knowledge into the Geomancy consultations. I became an expert at detecting and mitigating Geopathic fields that were causatively linked to immune suppression and serious illnesses. A few health practitioners and one physician: Dr. Hans Nieper, a noted clinical research Oncologist of Germany, would refer patients to dowse their bedrooms for the pathologic energy fields.

It is interesting to note that I have seen a few photos of ancient Chinese art that depict a master walking across a field with a “divining” rod checking out suitability of land. To my knowledge, no Classical Chinese Feng Shui Masters today now use or teach Dowsing as a part of their Feng Shui systems.

Around the same time period, I acquired certified training from a California company named “Safe Environments” in Safe Home Inspection and EMF field detection and mitigation.

As a result, I believe I was the first “Western” Feng Shui practitioner to introduce Geopathic Dowsing and EMF detection as a very necessary inclusion to the practice of Feng Shui.

Another Kahuna Appears

Not long after Kahu Abraham ventured to Tucson and mainland US, another Kahuna, Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona came to Tucson while on a national tour. Her special focus at the time was teaching the Ho’o Pono Pono – the process of forgiveness. For me, it was an incredible gift to be able to learn this ancient Hawaiian system of forgiveness from Morrnah. I not only was I taught the Ho’o Pono Pono, I was encouraged by her to teach it as well. From that moment onward, I immediately incorporated the process into my Feng Shui consultations. The Ho’o Pono Pono is so valuable and effective that I not only use it every day, I teach it whenever I can and utilize it for my client’s benefit too.

The Kahuna’s Blessing…

Evolution from Geomancy to Feng Shui

One day, I received a call from a client I had not heard from in a few years. She was calling from San Francisco. She reminded me that I had helped her ‘Geomance’ her room two years ago. I did remember her. She had asked me to help her because she was not faring well. A massage therapist, she was living and working in a small rented room doing massage by day and sleeping on her massage table at night. I gave her simple inexpensive changes for her space where upon she thanked me and left. She now explained that she had moved to San Francisco, was doing well and studying Feng Shui with a Chinese master by the name of Professor Lin. She volunteered that it was quite similar to my Geomancy and offered to introduce me to her teacher. I had been thinking for some time to look into Feng Shui but had as yet not heard of any master teaching the art.

I decided to meet this professor. On a Friday evening not long after, I was sitting at the back of a large lecture room at the University of San Francisco waiting for the entrance of Professor Lin. My wife and I chose seats at the rear, not wanting to be conspicuous or interrupting of the class. Promptly, Prof Lin entered, waved and smiled to about 20 students. Next thing we knew, Professor Lin was looking up and bowing in our direction. Must be someone else I thought so I looked behind and there was no one. He was bowing to us again so properly we bowed in return. After the class was over my massage therapist client met us and lead us to meet him. She opened her introduction with: “Professor Lin, this is Louis Audet, the man I told you about who saved my life.” I was really embarrassed by her statement. Through his interpreter, Professor Lin inquired about my training and after a brief conversation he asked me if I had read Sarah Rossbach’s book “Feng Shui – The Art of Placement.” I said I had and found it interesting. He then asked me if I would like to study Feng Shui with him as one of his “Senior Students”. Not knowing what Senior Student meant, I accepted. That was the beginning of my Feng Shui career.

Curiously, at the dinners we attended after workshops, he would always introduce me as “my old friend” to his Chinese followers. After this happened at least three times, I managed to quiz him through a Chinese person accompanying him, I asked jokingly: “Professor Lin, what is this ‘old friend’ you call me? I had only known him less than a year. His answer floored me. The person next to him translated in broken English: “In another time he worked for you, this time you work for him.” All I could do at that point was chuckle nervously and thank Professor for his answer. Later on I realized that when he first saw us in the classroom, he must have bowed because he had instantly recognized us from a past incarnation. That would explain why the immediate invite to study with him as one of his Senior Students.

It took me a while to absorb the events of that night in the classroom and the old friend statement. Later, it became obvious to me that Feng Shui was to become well accepted, more so than Hawaiian Geomancy, so I decided to change my main emphasis from Geomancy to Feng Shui.

I want to relate a curious discussion I had with Kahu Abraham that occurred sometime during my discussions with him about Geomancy & Feng Shui. This was before I had met or known anything about Professor Lin. We had just completed a two day workshop that consisted of taking students to 2 homes the second day and doing hands on training. I was constantly surprised at the various energetic cures he applied during workshop and consultations. So I spoke to him asking “How do you know about all these Feng Shui cures you come up with? Where does the information come from?” Abraham appeared somewhat amused, then looked straight at me, smiled, patted my right shoulder and said softly: “I know the guy that wrote the book.” There were a number of times that when asked a direct question, the Kahuna would answer in a roundabout way designed to make you think further and analyze deeper to arrive at the answer.

I didn’t know what to make of Kahu’s reply until a couple of years later when I had the past life response from Professor Lin. It finally dawned on me that both teachers were implying the same thing; namely that I had within me some sort of in depth knowledge of Feng Shui from some time before this life. Outside of a long time curiosity about Asian subjects and places I do not have any recall of any past life in China. All I can add is that occasionally when I find myself in a quandary trying to figure out what to do, a good new solution will just pop into my head that is just what I need.

The Last Fifteen Years 

During the last 15 years, Feng Shui business has consisted of the usual consultations for residences and business.

During this time, I did complete a 3 year training program as an Instructor of Medical Qi Gong as well as a three year program leading to a Master of Auricular Therapy.

However a sharp decline in Feng Shui appointments occurred due to the depression and collapse of the Real Estate market. Arizona, especially Metro Phoenix was hit really hard with foreclosures and short sales. Large numbers of families were simply walking away from their homes and moving out of state.

The depression which brought loss of the purchasing power of the dollar as well as lower wages and higher taxes has decimated middle class disposable income, – the major source of clients. Furthermore, increasing airline costs have adversely affected long distance consultations. As a result, the last few years caused a moderate shift in emphasis to workshops mostly related to my other skills: Dowsing and Ho’o Pono Pono. So too, Remote consultations have begun to become more frequently requested. 2014 saw the first beginnings of a return to normalcy to the Real Estate market in Arizona and an uptick in the number of consultations.

Feng Shui’s Degradation

In my opinion, the super saturation of well-meaning free Internet Feng Shui articles and advice that promise dramatic results like improving one’s valentine romance by simply placing an object in a corner, or cleaning up a little clutter, has denigrated Feng Shui into coffee table conversation, the same class that Astrology was demoted to years ago. Consequently, what used to be mystical cures passed down from master to student are now considered by the American public to be just a marketing bag of tricks. When one understands and becomes a Master in the Feng Shui Arts, the ability to change outcomes and lives becomes a reality.