Louis Audet, a long time friend, (has just released a new book called Feng Shui Keys: Selecting the Perfect Home 
or Office. Louis) has been helping me achieve a feng shui balance in my home for years. He is a master of 
practical and tactical Feng Shui ( and this book is ideal for anyone who wants to purchase or lease a new living or 
office space.

He explains why your dream home could turn into your worst nightmare and what to look for to find 
a comfortable, comforting, and functional location.

Shirley McLaine



Sagitario Gift Shop and Boutique
(San Carlos, Sonora Mexico)

“Our shop, despite our best intentions was not a relaxing space. It was thick and crowded, emotionally as well as physically. With each suggested Feng Shui change, the atmosphere has improved. There is a new sense of spaciousness, of increased light and air; space to see more clearly and breathe more deeply. The stress level has decreased. ?employees and customers seem more peaceful and relaxed; interactions more harmonious. Sales and productivity have increased significantly stimulating modifications and expansion.”

Theresa Gonzalez

The Ford Group
(San Diego, California)

World renown publicists representing Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and other celebrities and authors.

“Louis Audet has been my Feng Shui master for the past 10 years. After he came to my new home/office in 1994 to assist me in setting up, my income tripled within months. He is an extremely talented man who exudes reverence for his art. I highly recommend him.”

Arielle Ford (President, The Ford Group)

Dance Studio in Metro Phoenix

“We had been working hard to get our business get to the next level and to streamline our finances. Business growth was steady but we knew we were somehow missing something. We contacted Lou for a consultation on both our residence and our business. He was very thorough and took his time as he methodically worked his way through both the business and our home room by room. His recommendations ranged from simple applications of color or placement of wall fixtures, to broader use of elements such as water, light and other visual effects.

Within one week of applying just a few of the recommendations at the dance studio, we discovered an issue with a credit card company that resulted in nearly $30,000. of uncollected invoices over an 18 month period.

We just moved into year five of business and while many other studios and businesses in the area are closing, our studio has to actually limit enrollment this year due to the rapid growth we’re experiencing in this so called “down” economy. We continue to implement the changes recommend by Lou and are amazed at the dramatic changes we witness”.

 – – J. A. Chandler AZ

Massage Therapy Business

“Louie Audet is my Feng Shui consultant. I have utilized his Feng Shui services for 20 years in my homes and businesses. Louie’s knowledge, wisdom, kindness, and confidence shine in his professional relationships. He has assisted me in gaining harmony, self confidence, peace and prosperity in all of my endeavors and environments.

Recently Louie consulted with me at my massage therapy office. After following through with his recommendations clients noticed a distinct sense of well being and calmness in our waiting room.

My client base increased and stabilized. I look forward to being in the office and am more focused on my goals and vision for my practice. I attribute my growing success and business development to Louie’s extraordinary skill and commitment to the success of his clients.”

S. Tucson AZ

Real Estate Development 

Master Louis,

I was skeptical about having you  work on the problems we were having in Aldea de Santa Fe…a Santa Fe residential and commercial development. After the clearing, geomancy and feng shui cures were accomplished, the sales increased dramatically and the overall attitude of the builders and others improved greatly! You helped bring success to our village, Aldea de Santa Fe. Thank You!  By the way, I am not skeptical any more.

Tom Gardner NM

Real Estate Home Sales

Louis Audet is the Feng Shui Master I call on for help with getting homes sold. I am a Realtor and Louis has been instrumental in helping me make changes to homes and in doing so, I have been able to sell my listings for more money in a shorter period of time. It is amazing how you can change the energy and help to get homes sold.

D. Streit, NM

Special Ed Classroom

Dear Louis,

A year ago, I asked for help with my classroom with emotionally challenged and learning disabled kids in elementary school. Your advice was timely and helpful! I followed all your suggestions:

I have plants around and they have become a class job.

All hardware and extra supplies are covered. I had the custodian remove the above fluorescent lights and brought in lamps.

We have ‘math music’, and ‘reading music’ and ‘art tunes’ with the classical music.

I have the custodian skip cleaning my room and I use organic cleaners, the kids are very sensitive with smells, sounds, light.

I had to nix the fountain, it was too distracting for the ADD kids and all the boys had to go potty all the time.

I painted the room a wonderful green (ended up painting my own living room the same color) and as I was painting it the teachers were poo-pooing it a bit. Then with all the touches, lamps on candles, music, no clutter …. all the teachers retreat in here for a break. Other angry or upset kids are sent to my room to ‘help Miss. Marna but in reality this room has become a haven.

Even for my masters class on environment for emotionally disordered kids, I wrote about the effects my room have had on the kids and my teaching. It has influenced other teachers to include lamps and cover supplies and include plants.

The kids seem to switch off in here. The calm atmosphere and predictable music etc. allow them to rest and in turn receive instruction in a much less frantic or frenetic pace.

Thank you so much for the advice, and for answering my email.

Gratefully, with blessings

M.T. (Location withheld)

Design Business

I wake up thinking about my “testimonial” I owe you and so want to give it now….F.F.

To Whom it may concern:

Louis Audet has been my professional consultant for the last 15 years. He comes at least once a year to advise myself, my family and my business in all matters feng shui. Since the first time Louis consulted my business, my life and my health have prospered, often when others didn’t due to economic times or whatever reasons. Various “disasters” occurred which ended up not being disasters and we always attribute that to Louis’ Feng Shui advice. Early on it became clear to me that this was equal to any expert advice; lawyers, accountants, insurance types, Feng Shui, All are in the same basket for me now. This is based on results throughout the years. I can wholeheartedly recommend Louis Audet as a “‘must have” for any successful person or anyone who wants to be that. You may contact me for any further questions related to Louis and Feng Shui.

Love to you and yours.

Best Always,

Felicia French, President OPUZEN DESIGN