Benefits of Residential Feng Shui Consultations

Whether you are just moving in or have been in the same house for years, a Master Feng Shui consultation brings many major improvements affecting everyone in the house. Feng Shui takes into consideration all the concerns of life including Your wealth, health, relationships, careers, harmony and more.

For example:Layout-Floor-small

  • Couples with relationship issues can find understanding and a rekindling of their romance.
  • If money seems to be leaking from your home, it can be reduced or stopped.
  • Young adults and children may have a change of attitude, become better students and get along better with parents and siblings.
  • Recovery from health issues may be speeded up.
  • The house becomes a sacred space feeling calmer and more nurturing.

The Residential Consultation:

This consultation description pertains to all residences whether a brand new home, an existing home just purchased or the home you are currently living in.

The initial step involves an examination of the entire property including land and buildings. Exterior and interior are analyzed for Feng Shui conditions – both positive and negative. This initial survey discovers the state of the CH’I energies, the contributing factors of the landscape, its shape, contours as well as the ebb and flow of the property. The building is judged according to contributions related to architecture, design, layout, interior flow.

While these physical characteristics determine a certain level of information, the unseen and non-physical aspects are carefully sensed too. Sensing the unseen energies is very complex yet important because they most often play a major role in the amount of “good or bad” Feng Shui currently at large within the property and how it can be affecting the occupants.

Upon completion of the above, a summary explanation of the findings is explained regarding the findings and how the occupants are being affected.

At this point, we now walk through each area of the land and building and detail the necessary “Feng Shui cures” to be implemented in order to correct and/or enhance the local CH’I. Usually, the remedies involve moving or adding certain items to particular locations. Very rarely, is there a requirement to expend major resources to “fix” a situation. In actuality, the items are quite often already available somewhere within the property.

Finally, a Clearing and Blessing is performed which removes old, stagnant “stuff” and any “mischievous entities” while simultaneously implanting beneficial and enhancing energy. The result of this ancient and mystical ceremony is immediately felt by most occupants as seeing greater clarity, a more spiritual feeling and a calming vibration.

The result of the Feng Shui consultation, when completed, is a new beginning for everyone that is moving with confidence toward a better future plus a healthier, happier Home.


Fees are based on the size of the lot, the square feet of the building(s) and the number of rooms.

Fees are fixed – not hourly. Feng Shui Consultations are a service, thus payment in full is requested at the conclusion of the consultation. Travel expenses beyond metro Phoenix are usual and ordinary.

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