Many Thanks to all who have taken the time to share their experiences with me…

Dear Louis,

Thank you so much for your service & energy work in my home. (I can tell the difference!) I am forever grateful for the harmony that has been added in my life.

C.S. Glendale, Arizona

Dear Louis,

You will not believe what happened to me. Around mid January I met a guy…… We laugh a lot and every time I look at my little relationship corner I just smile inside.

A.A. Aspen, Colorado

Louis Audet is the Feng Shui Master I call on for help with getting homes sold. I am a Realtor and Louis has been instrumental in helping me make changes to homes and in doing so, I have been able to sell my listings for more money in a shorter period of time. It is amazing how you can help to get homes sold.

D Streit, NM

“At exactly the time I needed his help, Master Louis, through an amazing set of circumstances and coincidences, was suddenly there for me. After utilizing his suggestions and improvements, I was able to clear my life of burdensome property and people.

Whereas, I believed no buyer would be interested, Louis’ consultation helped me sell a property in record time to just the right buyer. One family even wrote a letter requesting special consideration to purchase.

A week after enhancing my fame wall with a large mirror, I started singing for the first time in my life with not one, but two musical groups. Again by amazing coincidence, Louis was in attendance at my first performance.

I am in better health than ever before, have easy relationships with friends, family and the opposite sex, have started to meet one terrific person after the other, and now have the means to pursue my passions. Where it didn’t use to be, my home is harmonious and warm to come home to.”

Friends’ lives after consulting with Louis have turned around. Now we all feel blessed, special, and much more powerful because of Louis Audet and Feng Shui in our lives.”

O.V. Honolulu, HI

“Thank you so much for your help on Saturday. My work situation began to change on Monday – for the better. You were very kind to talk to me …. about needed changes in my house.”

A. Flagstaff, AZ

“Thank you so much for all your help. The house feels wonderful and I haven’t yet completed all the items you suggested, but hope to soon.”


“We are doing great and getting everything done the proper way. The house feels so much better and _____ is more calm and enjoys playing in his room now!”


“… I have made several of the recommended changes… the money drain has definitely slowed and I just received a large bonus. That’s very positive, I believe.”

A. Chandler, AZ

“I wanted to thank you so much for the Feng Shui help on our home and business. We are already feeling it. Also talking with you was inspiring and enjoyable.”

O. Bear Valley, CA

“Thank you! Thank you! This house feels wonderful now. I can’t tell you what a difference your work has made here. All of us are feeling much better – a lot less chaos and touchiness on all of our parts. You know, you are absolutely wonderful. .. and the gift of your service is deeply appreciated by each one of us … Things are much, much better.”

A. Petaluma, CA

“A day does not go by where we are not aware of the magic that you helped us create in our lives since our time together at our home. I believe the Feng Shui not only changed our house, relationships and work, but opened and touched a part of my heart …. “

G. Tesuque, New Mexico

“Thank you so much for your service and energy work in my home. I can tell the difference! I am forever grateful for the harmony that has been added in my life”.

R. Phoenix AZ

“Hello Lou,

This is a short report on the result of your work with the energies in our house. WONDERFUL….. a stillness has become present, so relaxing. I awoke the next morning with a clear head and an upswing in my own energy. Thank you for all that you did. It is so appreciated.”


“Some very positive “things” began to “happen” just after Mr. Audet came to Feng Shui our home. Some were very subtle changes and others very dynamic. A sense of feeling more comfortable in our own home and sleeping better were some of the more subtle things that helped us after having our appointment with Mr. Audet.

One of the more dynamic changes came with a new job opportunity. I was having problems in my job and the stresses were severely affecting my health and well being. Mr. Audet gave me some Feng Shui cures to remedy the situation. Within months an incredible new job became available to me with a much better position and better working environment. My life and overall health keeps getting better and better. And after only 6 weeks at my new job, I got an unexpected raise!

I am grateful for the assistance in making these dynamic, positive changes happen in my life.

H. Phoenix, AZ