NEWSLETTER – September 2015

Web Site Launch

The web site launch was quite successful. I received many positive comments about how beautiful it is and how easy it is to navigate. I’m glad you like it.

Newsletter Circulation

I would like to expand the reach of the newsletter to a greater audience. For those of you who receive the Newsletter already, I would appreciate your help in this regard by forwarding these mailings to those you think might be interested. Thanks.

If you happen to be receiving this for the first time and want to be on the mailing list, please go to www.FengShuiAmerica.com and sign up – it only takes a second or two.

Feng Shui America

Feng Shui America has formally become a State of Arizona Limited Liability Corporation: Feng Shui America LLC. This enables, among other things, to operate as an on – line store for my book and possibly other future products.

Remote Feng Shui

Remote Feng Shui using the Internet is becoming more valuable as a way to reach my far away clients. It opens the door to those who may not be able to cover expensive air fare costs. For example, I recently did a Remote Feng Shui consultation for a client’s home in the UK.

Remotes can be valuable in Real Estate where time is of the essence and decisions on purchase of property need to be made quickly. In many cases, Feng Shui issues can be resolved rather quickly.


Interest in classes is finally picking up again. I just finished an “Introduction to Feng Shui” with a great group of Interior Designers for a famous furniture company.

Some inquiries are coming in for a Feng Shui lecture and workshop in Atlanta and the Phoenix areas as well as a Ho’o Pono Pono class in Phoenix.

“The Diviner”

I suspect the movie: “The Diviner” will generate a few dowsing classes too. Starring Russell Crowe, it is based on a true story about an Australian “Diviner” (dowser) who is searching for his two sons lost during WW I. You may be seeing it on one of the streaming sites soon. It’s worth watching.

Feng Shui Tips

Since starting the Feng Shui Newsletters in 2007, I have published considerable information (see Blog/Newsletters on my website). Feng Shui Analysis was the primary emphasis because I felt that one must first understand what the issues are before correctly applying the cures. The Analyses begin with the exterior factors of property – land and then building exterior. This was followed later by a room by room analysis of a home/ building interior.

Geomancy and the Earth Grid

Starting with this issue, I wish to explore with you the Earth’s Energy Grid. This is a fascinating subject that is well within the scope of Feng Shui. While I have not seen Feng Shui books or articles that delve into the Earth Grid and Energy Grids from the view point of Feng Shui, I wish to assert that the subject of the Earth Grid is an important aspect of modern Feng Shui. As the subject develops, you will see how important the earth grid is to harmony and balance. In any case, this is a topic not well accepted in Newtonian science, yet it is pretty well understood by many researchers (Note 1) who proposed a world grid consisting of nodes and connections encircling the planet. This planetary grid work fits Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic Platonic shape. Essentially the earth grid is tied to the North and South poles plus the Pyramid of Giza. See below:

Major intersections can be better seen on this drawing:

Interestingly, intersections of the grid seem to be located near large population centers, the pyramids, the ring of fire, and sacred locations.

Ley Lines

Similarly, other researchers – primarily dowsers – have discovered linear connections between many sacred sites. These energetic lines called Ley Lines are found also to be linked to underground streams and magnetic currents. High energy sites or sacred sites can be found at the crossings of these ley lines. While yet to be proven, it appears sacred sites and the Ley Lines the dowsers have discovered overlay the major grids or are one and the same.

Local Grid lines

Moving from the macro world view to a local view, dowsers have discovered the existence of energy lines that run in North/South, East/West and diagonally as well. The lines are approximately 8 feet apart, have an electromagnetic field and current associated with them.

You can easily imagine how this looks if you picture the lines of Latitude and Longitude on a map but only about 8 feet apart in each direction. Actually the North/South line spacing’s are slightly different than East/West lines which vary in width depending on the Latitude where measurements are taken.

Another convenient image is that of a net stretching along the ground. In fact, Dr. Ibrahim Karim, a noted dowser and Egyptologist, reported that in ancient Egyptian writings there is reference to this net encircling the globe and there were a specific group of priests called “Netters” who were trained in the science and maintenance of the Nets.

I am told that Native Americans have a knowledge of the Nets too – they call them Spider Woman Webs.

In the next issue of the Newsletter, we will learn more detail about the local nets that are so important to our health and harmony.


Note 1: Iverson, Becker, Hagens, Bird; Russian: Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov).

Note 2: Photos www.crystalinks.com