Kahuna-Abraham-Kawaii2Hawaiian Kahuna Abraham Kawaii

During my tenure as Director of The South West Awareness Institute, I met Hawaiian Kahuna Abraham Kawaii. A most wise and powerful healer, Kahu Abraham was the first Kahuna to leave and teach ancient Hawaiian traditions outside of Hawaii. He gave several lectures and taught workshops at SWAI and other places in Tucson, California and of course Hawaii. It was in Maui that I heard Kahu first speak about Huli Honua & Hui Hui Pue On’e On’e – Hawaiian Geomancy. As I detailed later in my book “Feng Shu Keys,” I was fascinated by the concept of structure and placement and its effect upon the health and attitudes of people. I asked Kahu if I could study Geomancy with him and he replied: “Yes, and you would beLA-&-Kahuna-Maui2 good at it too.” With that surprising endorsement, my studies began. I didn’t discover ‘till later that Hawaiian Geomancy is very similar to Feng Shui except it does not have any written rules or specific cures. Kahu taught an intuitive process that vastly improves the seen and unseen energies that flow within land and structure thus transforming spaces into much more harmonious and livable places.

— Master Louis Audet and Kahuna Abraham Kawaii