Gung He Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year!

 The Year of the Monkey





It’s Valentine’s Day when our thoughts (and advertisements) remind us of Romance. My Feng Shui guidance for you is in two parts:  Singles Seeking & Couples Re-kindling. I am referring, of course, to the Relationship & Partnership Area. Refer to the diagram below for location.

K’un Gua (Far Right –Rear Corner)

The following Feng Shui Tips are derived from my training and experience. Some tips may appear to be quite logical and common sense while others may not appear to be logical at all. When implementing these, acting on a few of them alone will be of help, however, the tips tend to have a synergistic effect so completing all or most of the tips can have a greater effect.

Feng Shui Tips for “Singles Seeking” a partner

  1. Start by setting your strong intention. You must have a clear picture of what type of person you wish to attract. Writing those qualities and attributes down on paper and reviewing them periodically is very helpful. Warning! You may get what you energize so be careful what you ask for!
  2. Work on yourself physically, mentally and spiritually to be the type of person that would be attractive to your intended mate. Otherwise, he or she may just walk by and not recognize you.
  3. Look at your bedroom from the point of view of the intended partner and see if that person would approve. If not get it in shape.
  4. Remove all clutter including laundry hampers, waste baskets and storage boxes.
  5. Check out the art in your room. Remove and replace anything that does not contribute such as, sad pictures or pictures of someone with their back turned or walking away. Put away teddy bears, collections and the like.
  6. Decorate romantically. Use colored sheets in lieu of all white or black. Various shades in the entire family of red are often used for energizing but strong reds are too much for the bed. In this case, soft pink or lavender work well. Men would feel more comfortable if their bed linens were pastel green or pastel blue.
  7. Add flowers or plants in the far right corner of the bedroom to bring in more life energy. Use plants whose branches grow upward rather than hanging vines. A pink and white orchid in a pink earthen pot is a very good choice. (Guys with problems concerning pink pots can use red or white pots). Plants should not have spikey leaves – no cacti.
  8. Add symbols of relationship. A statue or photo of a couple embracing works well. The famous painting of Gustav Klimpt “The Kiss” or a statue by Rodin also called “The Kiss” are great examples. Otherwise, a pair objects such as two love birds, or two pink quartz hearts may be set on a small table or shelf.
  9. Women planning to redecorate, can choose peach or pink colors to attract that special person.
  10. The K’un Gua is not the place to have the water element – not even for little water fountains.
  11. Oh yeah! Men, always keep the bathroom door closed and the potty lid down. Nudes or pin ups in the BR (or anywhere else) is a sure turn off for a serious partnership.


Feng Shui Tips for Couples Re-kindling Romance

If you haven’t already read the tips above, go back up and check those items that make sense for established couples too – like numbers: 4, 5, 7, 8.

Your bed

1.. Check it to make sure the mattress is in good shape and not sinking down on one side for example. The bed should be level, (A sports term: “leveling the playing field!”) and on solid footing.

  1. Prevent argumentation by making sure the headboard is securely attached to the bed so it doesn’t shake.

Your Room

  1. The marriage corner: You should have a framed picture/photo of both of you that was taken when you were in a romantic mood such as a wedding, honeymoon photo or a recent fun vacation. It can be hung on either wall in that corner or placed on an end table there.
  2. Married Women – if planning to redecorate, It is not advisable to use the color peach but pastel pink is ok.
  3. Watching a movie together can be romantic, but, the TV should be covered or behind doors afterwards before you fall asleep, unless you like the feeling of being watched. Even better, move the TV out of your BR for good!
  4. The Master bedroom is not really a place for photos of children, relatives and so forth. The bed room should be your personal space – not shared.
  5. Computers, desks and exercise equipment are best moved out.

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