Geopathic Stress

earth-leyWhenever there is a long term illness present, a Geopathic field may be a causative stress factor preventing recuperation. Such fields can easily be located by Dowsing and should be remediated as soon as possible.

Geopathic Stress is an immune system challenge resulting from being in the presence of Geopathic fields for extended periods of time. Sleeping or sitting over such a detrimental toxic earth grid lowers a person’s energy and constantly challenges the immune system until it eventually reflects as an illness in a person’s weakest health area and prevents healing.


Elecro-Sensitivity is a relatively new medical term describing symptoms wherein a person has developed an allergic hyper sensitivity to Electro/Magnetic Field (EMF’s) and Microwavecell-tower Radiation exposure.

Sources can be any electrical system or equipment, power lines, automobile and airplane electronics, cell phones, cell phone towers, smart meters and WiFi. Because these fields are now found EVERYWHERE, avoidance is next to impossible. However with the location and identification of the sources, it is possible to reduce the amount of exposure.

As a service to our clients we can help identify, educate and assist in reducing EMF radiation exposure.


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