Corporations & Businesses Services – Large or Small

Feng Shui expertise is available for incorporating the Art and Philosophy of Feng Shui within your corporate executive offices, satellite buildings, research, manufacturing sites and special projects. Blending Feng Shui concepts into the corporate entity can greatly improve the opportunities for overall success.

A Feng Shui Consultation boosts overall effectiveness with the enhancement of beneficial CH’I energy throughout the business. Instituting the time tested methods of Feng Shui creates a synergistic effect throughout the business whether a simple retail store or a large corporation. Over time, sales can increase, costs reduced and profits increased.

Experience Feng Shui and measure its benefits as noted below:

  1. Offices become more harmonious, healthy and productive.
  2. Productivity improves with better morale and less downtime due to illness.
  3. Creativity is enhanced while mistakes and mishaps due to poor judgement decrease.
  4. Projects, schedules and teams run smoother with less division and disruption.
  5. Workplace is safer while employee energy stays up longer during the day.
  6. Other intangible benefits may manifest such as: the company’s reputation is enhanced, relationships with clients, suppliers or distributors make a marked improvement. Sometimes new clients or markets become available.

Development Projects

Developers, Builders, Architects and Interior Designers.

Utilize my Feng Shui recommendations on many aspects of projects such as site analysis, plan reviews even overall success projections whether for development of large tracts, new buildings or renovations. Talk to me about other special services related to intangible issues that could be impacting cost, schedules and other aspects of the business.

Retail & Office Space

Retail and Office spaces are prime candidates for applying my Feng Shui expertise & concepts for attracting new business, improving business profits, reducing employee turnover, creating a healthier work place – all of which will bring about increased profitability.

Land – Large tracts or individual lots

Use my knowledge of site analysis to help you determine whether a property is going to be profitable as well as a good long term investment. You should avail yourself of this service BEFORE you purchase.


Fees are based on the size of the lot, the square feet of the building(s) and the number of rooms.

Fees are fixed – not hourly. Feng Shui Consultations are a service, thus payment in full is requested at the conclusion of the consultation. Travel expenses beyond metro Phoenix are usual and ordinary.

To make an appointment for a consultation or additional information click here to Contact Master Louis or call: 480-345-1678 or 310-283-2880

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