Convert feelings of bad energy on a property, in a building, or a room into a clear, fresh, warm and happy space.

A Clearing ceremony can be very beneficial in situations where land, homes or businesses are experiencing unexplainable bad luck. Other reasons may be the banishing of disruptive entities, and to remove the existence of cold, heavy or negative feelings that have been left behind by severe traumatic events or residual energies left from constant argumentation.

Old homes, buildings, even land with questionable histories of bad luck, entities or recent traumatic events benefit from a cleansing prior to being occupied or moving in.

Contractors & builders should consider clearings of land before starting work in order to reduce potential occasions of lost time and other troubling events.


A Blessing increases the good CH’I. It is highly recommended whenever there is a need to add luck, energy and success to any building, land or new venture.

Ceremonial blessings can also be performed for special occasions such as a Grand Opening for a new business, a new office and land.



Fees are based on the size of the lot, the square feet of the building(s) and the number of rooms.

Fees are fixed – not hourly. Feng Shui Consultations are a service, thus payment in full is requested at the conclusion of the consultation. Travel expenses beyond metro Phoenix are usual and ordinary.

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