These days, everywhere we turn there is CHAOS. I do not need to cite examples. More than ever before it is imperative that our homes be places of sanity, peace and harmony. We – our loved ones, our children are in dire need of a “Place of Refuge – away from the maddening crowd.”

Feng Shui is one of the most effective ways to create & ensure a Sacred Space to survive and thrive in. If you have never experienced the calmness of a place with good Feng Shui, there is no better time than now to have a consultation.  It can be a life altering experience.



This Newsletter details the Feng Shui Attributes of




CHYAN GUA (Ch’ien) (Front Right Corner)

Attributes: Benefactors, Helpful People, Travel, Father, Brother, Head.

Activated by the color Gray and the adjacent Gua colors of White and Black.

            “Benefactors & Helpful People” might include persons such as teachers, mentors & gurus. Benefactors could even be unknown persons – such as a kind person who stops to help you change a flat tire. Also, supporting organizations, companies, consultants or clients that you want to provide support in various ways to contribute to your needs and success.

             Chyan Gua can be energized for beneficial purposes of travel – whether it be for business success or some vacation travel destination you are planning. Help specific to one’s father or brother can be enhanced and health issues related to the head may be helped too.

Here are additional Feng Shui Tips to apply to your Benefactor Area:

  1. GENERAL: To activate this Gua in a general way, one can install a stereo system in that corner. I guess the correct term these days is Entertainment Center. Most if not all electronics are black so that color and ensuing sounds will definitely amp up the energy of this space. A small water feature would not only assist the Benefactor Area but add to the Career Gua as well. Alternately, placing six objects like rocks or crystals will shift the energy here.

  2. TRAVEL: For that vacation destination consider adding a photo or poster as a focal point so you can give it your     attention each time you go by. Furthermore, a copy of the tickets, itinerary or proposed dates might also assist to   add force to your quest. If a cruise, then a ship can be added. Get the idea?
  3. PERSONAL SUPPORT: Placing a particular guru or mentor’s framed photo can draw his or her blessings to you. If you really feel like what you need right now is a superhero perhaps a poster of “Ironman”, “Captain America” or “Wonder Woman” would come to mind (joke!) however, I think a statue of your favorite Deity might be just the thing.
  4. FAMILY: If by chance your father or brother need some kind of encouragement at this time, why not affix their name or picture to this spot. Certainly you can pause a minute once in a while and send loving prayers.
  5. WORK: Maybe you need to get that hard to land sale from a particular person or company – a name or business card displayed here could do the trick.

Remember! These Newsletter tips are provided as a helpful assist for your benefit. If there are on-going or serious events causing difficulties to you, your home or business, call right away for a Feng Shui consultation.

REMOTE FENG SHUI                                                   

            A while ago, I was able to help a good friend and client of mine who was planning a move to a rural part of Los Angeles. The market there has been very active and she called ‘out of the blue’ needing an immediate response about a certain parcel of land she happened to come across that she fell in love with.     

            From her descriptions and a check of the satellite map, I was able to give her my preliminary Feng Shui assessment that it was fine to make her offer.   I suggested that she add the condition of Feng Shui inspection approval during the “Due Diligence” part of the offer. Later on we performed an on-site consult and it all turned out well for her. She was so glad she decided to call me right then and there.

           Remotes can be invaluable in Real Estate deals where time is of the essence and decisions on purchase of property need to be made quickly. In many cases, Feng Shui issues can be resolved rather quickly. 

           Remote Feng Shui works well for an apartment, a typical sized home, and a business office. Using the Internet is a great way for far away clients to reach me. By performing remote consultations, I can help many more persons from almost anywhere.

Go to www.Feng ShuiAmerica.com or call 310-283-8820 for a Remote Consultation and additional information.

Up-coming classes & scheduled travel:

            Albuquerque & Santa Fe New Mexico – September Consultations.

            Phoenix Arizona – October 8th & 9th Feng Shui Fundamentals Intensive

            Classes for Ho’o Pono Pono & Dowsing are periodically scheduled in various locations as determined by interest.

Notices will be forwarded to those who have expressed interest and will be posted in the Newsletters. To be included in notices for classes email me at fengshuilou@aol.com.

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