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Louis Audet

What is on Feng Shui Lou’s mind?

Just returning from the Metaphysical Film Festival in Carmel California (June 24,25, 26). The film “Sacred Space” produced by Carolyn Cobelo ( had its premiere in which yours truly did a little Feng Shui for the camera. The intention was to present the idea that each of us has a responsibility to make our home a sacred space. I also had a book signing event for my book.( and a local radio station interview. “Metaphysia2012” captured the Best Film award. We met many great persons including the producer of “Metaphysi2012” Sean Fisher, Native Americans Chief Sonne Reyna and Gary Requahillboy. who had roles in the movie. We had some quite interesting conversations, especially about 2012. All in all, it was a very worthwhile event.


Back in the 50s, three “UFOs” were photographed while passing over the twin smoke stacks of the power plant of my home town, Salem Massachusetts. At about the same time, a US postman named Barney (I think his last name was Hill) from nearby New Hampshire claimed he was taken aboard. He and his wife’s lives were subsequently turned upside down and destroyed. In the early 60s one of my co- workers was a former Navy Lieutenant who told me he was on duty on the bridge of a destroyer in the Atlantic speeding for home a few days after VJ day in Japan. The ship’s radar picked up objects flying at tremendous speeds, which suddenly made sharp right turns and disappeared. My friend wrote all this in the ship’s log. Then in 1965 about 3 – 4 days after my daughter was born, my wife was changing our baby’s diaper when she felt she was being watched though the window. Not too far above her was something hovering with circulating colored lights. When she called me to look, it went away. It was again in the 60s when my brother was a Lieutenant in the Army Signal Corps stationed in Washington D.C.. He held a top secret clearance. He told me that more than once he saw ‘Flying Saucers” over Washington. Because of these personal accounts, I have maintained an interested in the subject of Aliens, UFOs and Star People or Stellans .as they prefer to be called.

My reason for relating those events is that there have been an unusually large number of movies this year and last on the general subject of aliens with the theme of Invasion. Perhaps you have noticed this too and can name some. Each movie depicts alien monsters who kill and destroy and even eat us. Like me, you must be asking yourself why? The question is why so many all at once this year and why always the same invasion theme? These are fear producing films. Meanwhile legitimate actors I know bemoan the fact that the film industry can hardly get funding for serious and positively slanted movies. Tthe adage “follow the money” should give you […]




Louis Audet

What is on Feng Shui Lou’s mind?

Wow, I cannot believe it is the middle of June already. For all of us, the energy these days is at warp speed, time is compressed and things are happening quickly, keeping us extremely busy.

Many of you have written to me asking “Where is my newsletter?” “Did you drop me from the list?” This Newsletter is the first since August of 2010. I became so busy with consultations and involved with my book I had little opportunity to send out my newsletter. The left over time was reserved for my family. This is the first one published since then, so this month I want to share just a few things with you and kick up the content next month.


The earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions will continue to occur for some time. The Galaxy is pummeling the sun and causing major solar ejections which in turn are doing some major adjustments to our planet. For up to the minute status on solar activity and associated predictions and alerts you might wish to sign up for Earth Changes Media with Mitch Battros. Here is the link: You can also translate these events into what is happening to us internally and simultaneously i.e. earthquakes, tornadoes and eruptions in our minds, bodies, and lives.

On another note, some “Channels” are predicting that disclosure of extra-terrestrials existence by world governments is going to occur soon this year. That would shake up lots of things wouldn’t it?

Join us

Akasha Metaphysical Film Festival. June 24- 26, Carmel California

The Metaphysical Film Festival presented by Akasha Entertainment will be premiering a number of very interesting metaphysical movies. One of the movies “Sacred Space” delves into earth mysteries. It debuts on Sunday. I will be one of the featured individuals in the movie demonstrating applications of Feng Shui and Dowsing the Earth Grids.

Sunday morning 10 AM, I will be presenting a workshop “Using Feng Shui In Film Making.” In between that, there will be book signing sessions. If you plan to attend the event, be sure to drop by the signing table and say Hi. The link to the Film Festival is:

Feng Shui Keys

Here’s what Shirley MacLaine is saying about my new book, Feng Shui Keys: Selecting The Perfect Home & Office

“Louis Audet, a long time friend, has just released a new book called Feng Shui Keys: Selecting the Perfect Home or Office. Louis has been helping me achieve a Feng Shui balance in my home for years. He is a master of practical and tactical Feng Shui and this book is ideal for anyone who wants to purchase or lease a new living or office space. He explains why your dream home could turn into your worst nightmare and what to look for to find a comfortable, comforting, and functional location. To order the book, which I recommend, visit:

From Shirley MacLaine’s June 2011 ShirleyGram. To read more of Shirley MacLaine’s June edition visit




Louis Audet

What is on Feng Shui Lou’s mind?

“Tempus Fugit!” Boy how time is flying fast! Seems to me I just wrote the last newsletter and I’m surprised that it was back in February.

In my last newsletter I spoke of the Cosmic Awareness reading that outlined the possibilities of New Being – the new human evolution towards greater love and compassion for each other, humanity and the planet as a whole. Because I feel this is an important component of the 2012 shift, I plan to discuss the New Being a bit more in this and subsequent postings.

The New Being is one wherein Love and Mercy are the foremost and fundamental attributes of all humans. Awareness describes Love as a Cosmic Law.

The Law of Love: The Law of Love is that law which places the welfare, and the concern and the feelings of others above self. The Law of Love is that close affinity with all forces that we associate with as good. The Law of Love is that force which denies the existence of evil in the world, and resists not evil. Love is the course of least resistance.

This Law or Principle is, in essence, an updated version of “Do unto others…” and is one of the two components of New Being. Symbolically, the Law of Love is represented by two intertwined gold rings.

I think I will let that sink in for a while and provide the Law of Mercy next time.

Meanwhile, I wonder if you have been following the recent revelations of David Wilcox on his website:

Feng Shui Tip

First, an Explanation

While reading this section, you will notice that I do not provide cures to specific Feng Shui problems. BTB Feng Shui cures are both secret and sacred. I am bound by my lineage to require a donation or a fee in red envelopes whenever a cure is revealed. To do otherwise could bring harm to me and to you as well. The cures are also part of my art and as such are considered trade secrets. If you are in need of Feng Shui related to these tips, call or email me for a consultation. Thank you for your understanding.

Inside Space – Continued

Issue 2012 -1 explained the Feng Shui of the Office and Study. This time we will evaluate a most important space: A Child’s Bedroom.

Children’s Bedrooms.

General comments

Much of a child’s behavior within the home, the family and even at school is reflected by the bed placement, decor and condition of the bed room. I cannot stress enough that the Feng Shui of a child’s bedroom has a major effect on their behavior and health. Miraculous improvement in a seemingly troublesome child’s behavior has occurred with simple changes and cures of his or her bedroom. If a toddler keeps on wanting to sleep with mom and dad instead of its own bed, you can be sure there is something wrong with the room and not the child.

Bed Placement

The bed should not be […]

Feng Shui Greetings – February 2010



Feng Shui Greetings!

from Louis Audet

What’s on Feng Shui Lou’s Mind?

New Year celebrations have come and gone and Valentine’s Day has also slipped by. Now we look towards the Spring and try to not think about taxes.

For most, the New Year resolutions are probably falling to the wayside.

So, I wish to share a different way to make changes for the better. It’s a simple meditation and if done with focus and attention can assist in adjusting your new year and your future. Due to the length of this newsletter, I will email this separately to anyone that wants it. Simply send an email with the word Meditation in the subject bar and I’ll send you a copy. (


The Ho’o Pono Pono

You may have recently heard about the Ho’o Pono Pono – The Hawaiian Process of Setting Things Right as described in a book called: “Zero Limits – The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace and More.” It is written by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. In it, Dr. Vitale expounds on this amazing system and the incredible healings that occurred in a Hawaiian hospital ward for the criminally insane as a result of the Ho’o Pono Pono prayer intercessions of Dr. Hew Len. While the actual process is not revealed in the book, it has created considerable interest in the Ho’o Pono Pono and, rightfully so, has made Dr Len a much sought after teacher of the Ho’o Pono Pono. Dr. Hew Len, a psychologist studied and worked with Kahuna Lapa’au Morrnah Simeone, the woman Kahuna who modernized the Ho’o Pono Pono and taught it publicly all over the world.

In 1981, I was very fortunate to receive training in the Ho’o Pono Pono from Kahuna Morrnah Simeone herself on a few of her many visits to the mainland. In fact, in one of those visits, we discovered we both had a mutual past life together which helped to explain my fascination with ancient Hawaiian traditions. A year later, I was again lucky to receive additional training in the more ancient Ho’o Pono Pono process from Kahuna Abraham Kawaii.

It’s been over 20 years now since that training and I have continually taught the Ho’o Pono Pono and use it almost daily in my Feng Shui profession and personal life. I can say that it has always produced a result and I am constantly amazed and thankful for learning it and being able to share it with others.

For those wishing to learn the Ho’o Pono Pono, I have classes planned in Phoenix and Santa Fe and am willing to travel to other places to teach it as well. Those who know me and have attended my classes know my classes are packed with valuable material in an easy to learn format. Because it is so important to learn in today’s environment, I reveal the whole system completely in a one day session at a very affordable fee. My hope and […]

Feng Shui Holiday

Feng Shui HOLIDAY Greetings!

from Louis Audet

What’s on Feng Shui Lou’s Mind?

This time of year Arizona’s cool weather feels wonderful and most everyone’s mind has shifted to the Christmas and New Year holidays.

No matter the time of year, when giving a gift, we need to remind ourselves that gifts must be given without strings – no attachments nor any expectations. Doing so balances the energy and avoids Karmic repercussions.


Feng Shui Lou’s Tips

My last newsletter explored checking out our homes from a broad viewpoint for common Feng Shui issues that were relatively simple to identify and fix: things like clutter, impediments throughout the house and toilet lids.

For the next several news letters, I intend to cover more specific Feng Shui details. I will start with the outside of homes and buildings first, then later, move to the inside.

First on the list are the roads or streets our dwellings are situated on. There are five types that are of specific interest.


Straight roads begin to be a problem due to the creation of Sha Ch’I or accelerated Ch’I, the longer the road and the higher the speed limit – the worse it becomes. Health issues may develop if a bedroom is in the front of the house and/or the house is close to the street. Furthermore, the swift Ch’I can drain energy from the homes taking the occupants’ finances along with it.


Another street pattern that is undesirable is a “T” street. Whenever a dwelling is located directly at the top of the T in line with the base – that is the road aiming straight up at the house, it is undesirable. Very strong malevolent Ch’I can be generated right at the building seriously affecting the occupants. Similarly, a road with a sharp bend (approx. 90 degrees) is problematical to the two houses that happen to be at each side the outside portion of the “elbow.”


The best road to live on is one that meanders along with gentle curves here and there – much like a wandering stream bending through the countryside. Such a road delivers soft nurturing beneficial Ch’I to the surrounding homes.


If you happen to live in a home or work in an office with a location like the problem street patterns described above, please do not panic and move! However, it is not something you should endure either. There are Feng Shui cures for undesirable street patterns and we can work together to solve them.


Nest issue will cover Dead End streets, the cul de sac and other topics.





Basic Feng Shui Intensive Workshops:

The below workshops are two-day Feng Shui intensive workshop. No prior Feng Shui knowledge is required.


April 10 &11

Phoenix, Arizona

Hosted by the International College of Classical Chinese Medicine (ICCCM).


May 7 & 8

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe Ghost Ranch.


June 19 & 20

Atlanta Georgia – Location to be announced.


September 4 & 5

Phoenix, Arizona

Hosted by the International College of Classical Chinese Medicine (ICCCM).


November 6 & 7

Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Santa Fe Ghost Ranch


Call 480.345.1678 to register or to obtain additional […]