Master Louis Audet has a lifetime of professional experience in Feng Shui for residential and commercial properties.

Louis’ Feng Shui training is in “Black Sect Esoteric Tibetan Feng Shui.” He was chosen to be a “Senior Student” by the late Feng Shui Grand Master, His Holiness Professor Lin Yun – the world’s foremost authority and practitioner of Feng Shui.

He is an expert in Hawaiian Geomancy (Feng Shui). Louis was personally trained by Master & Kahuna Abraham Kawaii in a powerful ancient system based on concepts of Huli Honua and Pue Pue One One. His training & focus centered on intuitive sensing, energetic harmonizing, clearings and blessings as they apply to the psycho-spiritual realms of land & personal space.

Louis is a skilled Dowser specializing in the detection and remediation of environmentalGeopathic and EMF radiations. Because of the serious health impact of these negative energies, he very early on recognized the need and benefit for his clients to incorporate this important facet into his Feng Shui consultations.

Another innovative aspect of the master’s Feng Shui is the use of the Hawaiian system of forgiveness known as the Ho’o Pono Pono. Although ancient, it stands out as one of the most practical ways to rapidly dissolve Karmic energies operating within people, land and building spaces.

The introduction and utilization of Dowsing and Ho’o Pono Pono within the sphere of Feng Shui is his significant contribution to the art of Feng Shui.

In addition, Louis is a Medical Qi Gong instructor, a Master of Auricular Therapy and a teacher of Ho’o Pono Pono, Meditation, Healing and Dowsing.

He has appeared as a speaker at “Whole Life Expos” in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Fe. A guest on TV and radio, his work appeared on “Oprah” and was featured on “Inside Edition” and he has contributed to the movie documentary: “Sacred Space – Exploring Earth’s Mysteries.” Louis is the author of “Feng Shui Keys – Selecting The Perfect Home & Office” (

An excellent teacher, his workshops have drawn wide acclaim across the country for their in-depth information, clarity and ease of learning.

This synergistic knowledge, training and experience contribute to an expertise that differentiates Louis as a Master Practitioner in the Art of Feng Shui.

Educated as a Chemical Engineer, Louis was a manager in development with IBM. His corporate experience involved the design, build and management of high technology clean rooms and processes for the fabrication of integrated circuits.

Master Louis currently resides in the Phoenix area. His company FENG SHUI AMERICA, is a consulting firm offering Feng Shui site and building evaluations for residential and commercial properties.