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March 11, 2014

What is on Feng Shui Lou’s mind?

This is most likely going to be a wacky year like 2013, only more so. Staying the course with manifesting our hopes, wishes, and dreams is the key. Balance and grounding will definitely smooth the way.

Here are a few of easy ways to stay grounded: One way is to just stamp your feet on the ground 9 times and each time say: “Earth Mother”. Another way is to close your eyes and with your feet flat on the ground imagine you are a tree and see the roots being sent into the earth. OK, you could wrap your arms around a tree yet it’s better to lean your back against the tree for a few minutes. Walking barefoot on the ground or a sandy beach for about 20 minutes works wonders too.

Quote to ponder: “There are two ways of spreading light: One is to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.” Edith Wharton.


Inside Space – The Master Bedroom

General comments

In issue 2013 – 1, we considered shape factors and their influence on the Feng Shui of the Master bedroom. In Issue 2013 – 2, we explained where to locate the best position for the bed. In the 3rd issue the bed itself was the topic. The final newsletter of 2013 detailed the Applications of the First 4 Gua to the Master bed room. 2014 – 1 now explores the remaining 4 Gua.

The Bagua & the Master Bedroom – Part 2.     

         In 3013 – 4, I described all 8 Gua’s, their locations and their attributes. The details and cures for 4 areas were presented.

To refresh your memory, begin by placing yourself at the entrance door to your room. As you look into the room, the Hsun Gua (Wealth) is located in the far left corner area. The first Gua we discuss is the Ch’ien Gua (Benefactors). The location for Ch’ien is the corner area bounded by the wall on the right (running front to back) and the right front wall of the bedroom (the wall your door is on) Moving clockwise, the center of the wall that your door is located on becomes the K’an Gua (Career). The near left corner is the Gen Gua (Knowledge) and lastly, the center of the left wall Chen Gua (Health).

Primary attributes associated with these Guas are:

Ch’ien: Benefactors, North West, Gray.

K’an: Career, North, Water, Black

Gen: Knowledge, Blue

Chen: Health, East, Wood, Green.

To reiterate, use the element and the color such as wood and green to amp up the Health area. However, as I noted previously, the further addition of certain Feng Shui tools helps to create much stronger cures. Such tools might be plants, water, crystals, chimes, design decor and lights to name some.

Ch’ien Gua: Benefactors, Travel, North West, Gray.

         As you know, Benefactors may be any one who is or could be helpful and supportive to you in any part of your life whether it be your career, marriage, wealth and so on. If you think about it, you can come up with many benefactors. Persons like bosses, teachers, clients, suppliers are examples. Most often, I suggest adding a special Being you relate to in a spiritual way like a Deity or Guru. Statues, By adding photos/pictures, even business cards provide a focal point.

Ch’ien also relates to Travel. Therefore, posters depicting your next favorite destination will be energized in this area. The Chinese often add a treasure ship carrying gold and all kinds of bounty into their lives. A metal chime with five (hollow) tubes adds strength to Ch’ien. Lights and candles are normally avoided in the Ch’ien corner. Since the color grey is a blend of white (Tui Gua) and black (K’an Gua) both or either of these two colors can be added to support your desires.

K’an Gua: Career, North, Water, Black

Move now to the center portion of the front wall (the wall that your door is on). This is the location of the Life Path/Career. It is the color black (including shades of dark blue and grey). The element is water which imparts fluidity and emotion. On the body, it is associated with the kidneys.

A cure for assisting the career is to add the above colors to the Gua. A fine way to accomplish this is to add a small radio or CD player since these usually come in black and playing music compounds the device’s power.   Remember that electrical and mechanical devices must always be kept in working order, otherwise, if defective, they should be repaired or replaced.

K’an Gua is the place to post information – job titles or names of companies being solicited for a new job.

Even though K’an is the water center, keep it in balance. Refrain from adding too much water such as a fountain, fish tank or an ocean scene in the bedroom – floods are not auspicious.

Gen Gua: Knowledge, North East, Blue.

Gen Gua is the gateway to knowledge. It represents our education, experience and application in life. Thus, it is therefore connected to the hands and how we apply ourselves.

We can use blue, usually a mid blue, sky blue or aqua to generate energy for our learning. This is an excellent place to help with education, whether taking courses, or while grappling with new theories. Placing a few special books on a table or in a bookcase will assist the subconscious in absorbing principles and concepts. The caution here is to avoid making this Gua like a library. Too many authors together will argue with each other as to who is most correct or famous and they will keep you awake at night!

Chen Gua: Health, East, Wood, Green.

The middle portion of the wall on your left belongs to the Chen Gua. Health is emphasized in this location. Since it is related to the color green, one can add live plants in this sector to improve and speed up the healing process. Use a green or blue pot for the plants. It is best to use an odd number of plants such as one or three. The plants must be well cared for and if one begins to wilt or look sick, remove it immediately and replace it with a healthy plant and if possible a bit larger than the previous one. Green represents hope and springtime hence rejuvenation from illness. Stay away from cactus and vines when activating Chen Gua.

The Feng Shui effects of color combinations and art will be subjects for following newsletters.

About Referrals

Referrals are like Ch’I or Mana – they provide the energy that allows my business to continue to thrive. Please don’t file me away as your “best kept secret.” The more recommendations given out, the more persons and families I am able to help.

Remote Consultations

         An On-Site Consultation is always the best way to experience the benefits of Feng Shui. However, due to the economy, I am finding many clients who are unable at this time to afford the expense of air travel that accompanies an on site consult.

As a result, I am offering Remote Feng Shui Consultations as an expanded service and at a moderate fee since I can consult from my office. A remote consultation works like this: You send in the necessary details with floor plans and photos by email and after I review all the data, we have a phone consultation and transmit the cures. Because of my dowsing skills, I can also locate the low and high energy spots in the home including Geopathic vortexes and other unhealthy energies.

Over the years I have performed many Remote Consultations all over the world and they have been quite successful. For a Remote consult, send an e-mail stating the square feet and number of rooms and I will send a quote plus an instruction packet on how to proceed.

“Feng Shui Keys – Selecting the Perfect Home and Office”

“Feng Shui Keys” was written to help you locate your dream home or office. The information in this book allows you to rapidly ‘home in’ on the best place for you while quickly ruling out those places with serious Feng Shui mistakes. Your home purchase is a huge decision, not just in cost, but even more important is the Health, Happiness and Prosperity of your entire family. Be informed and protect your investment with a copy of “Feng Shui Keys”.

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         We are being swamped everywhere with harmful Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs). These detrimental energies are radiating from all sources of electric and electronic equipment such as radios, TVs, cell towers, wireless devices, and cell phones.

Medical reports continue to be published concerning damage to brain cell DNA and interrupted brain cell communication. There is strong evidence also of tumors and other immune system problems. Epidemiologists are quick to explain that the full impact of the EMFs such as tumors and cancer will not show up until 5 – 10 years later.

For your safety at work and that of your family at home you must not ignore this serious problem. Call to have a screening consultation to remedy or harmonize these harmful EMFs.


Dangerous earth energies called Geopathics are now prevalent in many homes and work spaces. They are similar in effects as EMFs except the Geopathics radiate out of the ground from within the earth grids. Geopathics will cause sickness, make any illness worse and/or prevent an existing illness from healing. Persons with long standing health problems are highly likely to be sleeping or sitting on Geopathic vortexes.

         In many parts of Europe and especially Germany, “it is considered mal-practice to not recommend to a patient to have a dowser check for Geopathics in the home of a person with a long term illness” (A direct quote from the late Dr. Hans Nieper – world famous German research oncologist).

Call or email the office for additional information and a quote.

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Basic Feng Shui Intensive Workshop:

No prior Feng Shui knowledge is required. The Feng Shui intensive workshop consists of two days. The first day is classroom instruction and the second day is additional advanced training plus ‘hands on’ practical experience analyzing and curing two homes. This workshop has been taught for many years now and it has received acclaim for its in-depth content and ease of understanding. This class provides an excellent basis for Realtors, Architects, Interior Designers, Developers and Homeowners. Write to for information.


         Feng Shui Certification Program consists of three information packed weekend seminars, three days long each. The training is followed by a self paced practicum. The program is certified by The International College of Classical Chinese Medicine (ICCCM) in Phoenix. Further details and cost can be obtained by contacting us at 480-345-1678.

Hawaiian Ho’o Pono Pono

         The Process of Setting Things Right is an ancient and powerful Kahuna process for healing past karmic situations and present relationship issues between people, events and even works with your own subconscious!

An ancient and secret method, the Ho’o Pono Pono has been taught by the Kahunas beginning in the early 80’s. The Ho’o Pono Pono can be used in your personal life and in your business or profession. We are constantly amazed how it always produces a healing result. We are thankful for being able to share the Ho’o Pono Pono with you.

The method is taught in a single one day session. Everyone should take the opportunity to learn and utilize the Ho’o Pono Pono.

To learn the Ho’o Pono Pono, or to host a workshop in your area, call us. 480-345-1678.

Dowsing Classes

Dowsing is easy to learn and it has many valuable uses. With dowsing you can discover issues with the body, check out foods for health and contamination, locate and remedy harmful Geopathics, find lost objects, locate water for wells and much more. Without question, learning how to dowse is one of the most useful personal skills to have at you disposal.

Call (310) 283-8820 or e-mailMaster for workshop information. Dates & locations of workshops are announced as they form.

Classes and workshop schedules for 2014

         2014 schedules are planned as sufficient people indicate interest. Notices are sent out and when possible are posted in newsletters. If you have an interest in the classes or have a place to host a class, contact us atMaster or (310) 283-8820. Thank you.


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Final note: 

Clients often make changes to their homes and ignore or underestimate the Feng Shui consequences. Even small changes can have an unexpected consequence. Perhaps someone’s life, finances, health or luck have taken a sudden or drastic turn? Call for a phone consultation.

Raising vibrational health with Feng Shui

Louis Audet


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