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We are living this year in a state of time compression. Significant events are happening every day without a breather. Whether it’s the freedom revolts in the Middle East, or the floods, tornadoes and earthquakes here in the US. You must be aware of this too. We have protests like the Tea Party and now recently the Wall Street protests that are gaining momentum across the country. The world’s banking systems are teetering out of control and a new crisis is imminent.

I have been living in Arizona for 20 plus years and have never seen anything like the dust storms that hit us the last few months. The local weathermen very casually dubbed them “haboobs” as though they were typical dust storms of the desert. Persons living in Arizona all their lives 50-60 years and more told me they have never seen dust storms like these. Connie and I were standing outside getting ready to go for a swim in the pool when I looked up and saw a huge brown wall approaching us really fast. We ran inside and within a minute it was so dark with dirt it was like night and we couldn’t see our wall about 50 feet away. I later learned this haboob was miles wide and a mile high. To me it looked like a giant horizontal vacuum cleaner brush going counterclockwise churning up dust forward from the ground and pulling it up straight into the sky – very different than a twister or “dust devil” as they are called out here. Forgive me if I seem conspiratorial at this point but at the time all I could think was: “This is man made and definitely not natural!”

As I write this tonight (Oct 4th) there are two CME’s just firing off from the sun towards earth. Mitch Battros (www.earthmedia.com) has been quite accurate predicting that within 48 – 72 hours storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur on our planet. I sincerely hope these will be not very destructive. However, the number and severity of these Coronal Mass Ejections are continuing to increase in frequency and strength and you should definitely take heed.

The Channelings from the Galactic Federation continue to speak about disclosure, landings, and significant changes to our government and banking systems. Great technological advances that will break the grip of the oil & coal combines are predicted. The Stellars are becoming quite insistent that the time for all this is now. Could 11/11/11 be the launch date? Stay tuned….

Feng Shui Tip

The Appearance of the house – Continued

Inside Space

Last month we covered the remaining three outside sides of the house – both sides and back. In this issue we will begin to evaluate the inside space.

The first area to evaluate is the front door and entry – the foyer.

The front door

The front door should open fully, easily and not squeak. Nothing should be placed behind the door that inhibits the door from opening to its full expansion. Since the front door is a portal between your outside social life and your private inner life, it is a very sacred crossing point and must be treated as such. Otherwise, opportunities can be lost and balance can be upset. Also, your front door represents your authority as parents and your security. If it operates poorly or is weak by design, then so are you in public and within your family dynamics. The Chinese call the front door “The Mouth of Ch’I.” It’s likened unto our body where the vital energies enter through our own mouth. Living energy – Ch’I enters primarily through the front door, so make sure you keep it activated by using the front door frequently.

The foyer

As we enter the foyer, we should feel welcome. The entry area should be clean, uncluttered, well appointed and bright. This sets the tone for the entire house. For this reason, it is important to notice the first thing we see as we enter. For example, if the first thing we see is a bathroom, it is not a contributing vision. Seeing a bed, or a dining table would have undesirable long term effects too. On the other hand, if the first view is a well designed living room or a library, these would convey a more beneficial effect.


Two story homes may have a set of stairs leading either downwards or upwards to the next level or even both directions. If the stairs begin too close to the front door, the entering Ch’I either flows back out the front door taking your finances with it, or it tumbles down to the lower level draining your interior of its vital Ch’I. The best situation is if the stairway landing is sideways or away. OK, now you ask me: “How close is too close?” The general rule is: Stairs should start at a distance from the front door of approximately 1 1/2 to 2 times the height of the tallest occupant. If less than this, a Feng Shui cure is needed.

Next issue will proceed into the other rooms of the home.

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Feng Shui Keys – Selecting the Perfect Home and Office

Sales of my book continue steadily. Recently it has been picked up by the American Society of Dowsers Library and Bookstore.

Planning to purchase land, a business or a home? Be sure to read “Feng Shui Keys” before you begin, and take it with you when you go looking. It will save you from making serious mistakes and buying a ‘Feng Shui nightmare’. This is especially important today with so many foreclosures and short sales on the market. What appears to be a bargain may prove not to be in the long run. In Feng Shui, the luck of the previous owner is a good indication of the status of the house’s Ch’I that is likely to carry forward to the new buyer.

To order Feng Shui Keys or for more information about the book and the author go to: www.FengShuiKeys.com.


Hawaiian Ho’o Pono Pono

The Process of Setting Things Right is a most wonderful and powerful process for healing relationships – past or present.

You may have been hearing about the Ho’o Pono Pono – The Hawaiian Process of Setting Things Right. In 1981, I was very fortunate to receive training on the Ho’o Pono Pono from Kahuna Lapa’au Morrnah Simeone herself on a few of her visits to the mainland. In fact, in one of those visits, we discovered we both had a mutual past life together which helped to explain my fascination with ancient Hawaiian traditions. A year later, I was off to Hawaii to receive additional training including a more ancient Ho’o Pono Pono process from Kahuna Abraham Kawaii. The study of these ancient traditions led me to learn Hule Honua and Pue Pue One One (Geomancy), the Hawaiian version of Feng Shui that is a most valuable aspect of my practice of Feng Shui today.

It has been over 20 years now since that training and I have continually taught the Ho’o Pono Pono and I use it almost daily in my Feng Shui profession and personal life. I can say that it has always produced a result and I am constantly amazed and thankful for learning it and being able to share it with others.

For those wishing to learn the Ho’o Pono Pono, I am willing to travel to teach it. If you would like to host a Ho’o Pono Pono workshop in your area, call me.

Those who have attended my classes know they are packed with valuable material in an easy to learn format. Because I feel this is so important to learn in today’s environment and evolving future, I reveal the basic system in a one day session at an affordable fee. In fact, since I began teaching this valuable, life changing tool in the 80’s, I have never raised the cost of workshop admission. It is my hope and desire that everyone has the opportunity to learn and utilize the Ho’o Pono Pono.

Basic Feng Shui Intensive Workshops:

The workshops are two-day Feng Shui intensive workshops. The first day is classroom instruction. The second day is ‘hands on’ practical experience working on two homes plus additional training. No prior Feng Shui knowledge is required. I have taught this workshop for many years now and it has received wide acclaim for its in depth content and ease of understanding. Write to fengshuilou@aol.com for information.

 Dowsing Classes

The Art of Dowsing: Everyone should learn this valuable tool. It has so many life saving uses. Dowsing can discover hidden issues with health, measure food energy, gain allergy insight, locate Geopathics, find lost objects and locate water – just to name a few! Please call 480.345.1678, e-mail fengshuilou@aol.com for questions, and workshop information. All workshop and location dates are subject to change. Dates & locations will be announced as they form.

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Feng Shui Appointments
For returning clients wanting a re-evaluation on the same dwelling or for a new property, please call me as I am happy to extend a discount to you.

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In my 25 years of practice, I have found that clients make changes to their homes and forget to evaluate the Feng Shui consequences. Even small changes can have an unexpected consequence. Have a question about a change you made to your house, a piece of furniture, painting or a color scheme you are not sure about? Has someone’s life, finances or health taken a sudden or drastic turn? Call for a phone consultation.

For any service not mentioned, questions, or any inquires, feel free to call my office. It would be my pleasure to speak with you.

My best Feng Shui Luck to you.

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