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December 7, 2013

What is on Feng Shui Lou’s mind?

We are wrapping up the year 2013 – a year of much happenings and surprises on individual as well as world wide levels. Looking back we can certainly assess that it has been a crazy ride with all kinds of challenges. Don’t hold your breath though, because it’s not quite over….

I suspect we all sense Year 2014 is going to be the same – maybe even more so. And so let’s allow ourselves to take a breather during the holidays. It would be beneficial for us to keep energizing our intentions focused toward a state of balance and manifesting of our creative expectations with an outcome of the ‘Highest and Best’ for us all in the coming year.

Happy Holidays to you and Best Wishes for your New Year!


Inside Space – The Master Bedroom

General comments

In issue 2013 – 1, we considered shape factors and their influence on the Feng Shui of the Master bedroom. In Issue 2013 – 2, we explained where to locate the best position for the bed. In the 3rd issue the bed itself was the topic. This final newsletter of 2013 details the Applications of the First 4 Gua to the Master bed room. 2014 – 1 will explore the remaining 4 Gua and subsequent newsletters the effects of colors and art, and the unseen frequencies permeating inside space.

The Bagua & the Master Bedroom.

         Prior to dealing with the applications, we must first delineate the Gua locations. Begin by placing yourself at the entrance door to your room. Basically the room is divided up into 9 equal squares – three across and three down. As you look into the room, the Hsun Gua (Wealth) is located in the far left corner area. Moving clockwise around the room, the Li Gua (Reputation) is the center of the rear wall. The far right corner is the K’un Gua (Relationships). Center of right wall is Tui Gua (Children), near right corner Ch’ien Gua (Benefactors). The center of the wall that your door is located on becomes the K’an Gua (Career). The near left corner is the Gen Gua (Knowledge) and lastly, the center of the left wall Chen Gua (Health).

It is worth noting that a given Gua consists of more than simply a point on the wall. For example, the K’un Gua of Relationships and Romance is not just the very corner of the room but more precisely the entire 1/9th of the room. Furthermore, there is a continuum of flow from one Gua to the next rather than an abrupt termination.

Each Gua has additional attributes associated with it. The most common ones are: Direction, Color, Element and the Body. As an example, the K’an Gua of Career is attributed to the color black, the direction north, the element of water and the kidney/bladder. These and other associations can easily be located on the internet. For our discussion, we will only use the following:

K’an: Career, North, Water, Black.

Gen: Knowledge, NE, Blue.

Chen: Health, East, Wood, Green.

Hsun: Wealth, SE, Purple.

Li: Reputation, South, Fire, Red.

K’un: Relationships, SW, Pink.

Tui: Children, West, Metal, White.

Ch’ien: Benefactors, NW, Gray.

Before beginning to institute cures, it is a good idea to check out your room for excess items and disorder. Yep, it’s clutter – an over used word, but still important to check out. It’s very common to find things like laundry baskets, waste baskets in places such the romance area, or boxes of “stuff” in the money corner. If you are collecting lots of “stuff” in your bedroom it is a sure sign that the Ch’I is stagnant and not flowing well. Desks, computers and exercise machines really do not belong in the bedroom. Photos of your children and family are better posted somewhere else too.

For many of the cures, one could simply make use of the element and the color such as wood and green to amp up the Health area. Yet, the further addition of typical Feng Shui tools helps to create much stronger cures. Such tools might be plants, water, crystals, chimes, design decor and lights to name some. Good quality Feng Shui items can be found online. www.luckycat.com and the IFSG store _______. (I do not receive commissions from anyone.)

Master Bedroom Cures

Hsun – Wealth:

Make use of items related to wealth such as jewelry, paper money, banks, coins, safes, stock. These can be placed in direct view or hidden in a chest drawer. Add the colors red, green and purple. Plants symbolize growth of wealth. The plant should be the type that grows upward and not a vine. It should be lush, placed in a purple, red or green pot. Plants must be well cared for and replaced immediately when there is the slightest sign of wilting. If necessary, high quality silks are permissible as long as they look very real. I would also add a lamp as well as a nicely tuned metal chime of four or five tubes hanging in the corner. Woodstock or Stannard produce chimes of good quality.

Li – Reputation:

Since Fire is the element of Li Gua, the color red is always correct to improve one’s fame so one could employ red candles, or red fabric curtains. Pyramid shaped objects can lift the Li energy. A lamp will add fire energy to this area. The Wood element is useful to introduce too since it is wood that feeds fire. Therefore some green can be added to the red. A simple wooden frame holding art such as red flowers serves to demonstrate one way of blending color elements to create a beneficial cure.

K’un – Relationships

The K’un Gua of the Master Bedroom is the place to energize a romantic relationship. This area can do much to strengthen a marriage or attract a lover for a single person. Pink is the usual color to add to the relationship corner. Red and white are also appropriate. If the room belongs to a single man he may prefer to add white and red rather than using pink. A lamp and or a beautiful orchid provide a boost too.

The number 2 as in “a pair” is linked with relationship and so we find symbolic romance items located in this Gua. For example, a pair of doves or two love birds can be placed here. The Chinese frequently add two ornately adorned cloisonné ducks (ducks mate with the same partner for their entire lives). A lamp and a beautiful orchid of the appropriate color flower and pot provide a boost.

A strong cure is a statue of two people locked in an embrace. Rodin’s “The Kiss” is a prime example. “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimpt is well known art often used to enhance the romance corner. Two important points to note: 1. A three dimensional object generally has more Ch’I than a two dimensional one. 2. The people portrayed as lovers should be complete as seen – i.e. complete body parts.          Believe me; I have seen many romance corners adorned with a modern art version missing faces or hands and legs etc. I think you would agree that energizing a romance with the symbolism of a statue comprising of faceless lovers or no hands or legs is poor judgment because what you see/energize is what you get!

Tui – Children

Couples desirous of a child would do well to Feng Shui this area. Assisting your children with their lives is best accomplished in this area. White and metals are predominantly called for. That could be metal art, art framed with metal – gold, silver, brass, and the like. Picture frames painted with metallic are also useful. Since in Five Element Theory, Earth creates Metal, adding some brown family of colors would further amplify the Tui Gua. The white aspect could be utilized either on the wall, with bedspreads or curtains. The expanded concept of “Children” is inclusive of: ideas and projects. Therefore, it follows that one can receive wanted assistance in those two areas as well.

Next issue will continue with the application of cures for Ch’ien, Kan and Gen Gua

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Dangerous earth energies called Geopathics are now prevalent in many homes and work spaces. They are similar in effects as EMFs except the Geopathics radiate out of the ground from within the earth’s energetic grids. Geopathics will cause sickness, make any illness worse and/or prevent an existing illness from healing. Persons with terminal or long standing health problems are highly likely to be sleeping or sitting on spots with Geopathics.

         In many parts of Europe and especially Germany, “it is considered mal-practice to not recommend to a patient to have a dowser check for Geopathics in the home of a person with a long term illness” (A direct quote from the late Dr. Hans Nieper – world famous German research oncologist).

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