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July 15, 2013

It’s not very surprising that the Feng Shui cures most often requested during consultations revolve around prosperity, abundance and money. There is no end to the number of books written on this subject. Most are familiar with the various books on the Law of Attraction such as those by Esther & Jerry Hicks.   In this issue, I would like to present Cosmic Awareness’ The Law of Prosperity. It is another slant on the topic that is simply stated and directly to the point. Maybe it will help some of us during these difficult economic times.

The Law of Prosperity states that one prospers in direct proportion to the enjoyment one receives in seeing the prosperity of oneself and others. And that one’s prosperity is denied in direct proportion to one’s feeling of guilt for being prosperous, or at the envy and hostility one feels on witnessing other’s prosperity.

This law states that when one prospers all may prosper. The Law of Prosperity works for those who hold images, feelings, actions, dialogue and attitudes associated with beauty, joy, love, and prosperity and works against those who hold images, feelings, actions, dialogues and attitudes associated with ugliness, self pity, complaints, envy and hostility toward oneself or any other person, group, race or class.

Those who think, feel, act and speak of themselves as being poor and needy, must spend three times the energy for the same prosperity received by those who think, feel, act and speak of themselves as being wealthy and prosperous. An attitude that dwells in depression, leads the way to physical, spiritual, mental, social and financial depression.        Those who maintain prosperous attitudes, even in states of poverty, are foreign to such states and will not be allowed to remain out of place in those poverty situations but will instead be deported to those prosperous states where such prosperous attitudes belong.


Inside Space – The Master Bedroom

General comments

In issue 2013 – 1, we considered shape factors and their influence on the Feng Shui of the Master bedroom. In Issue 2013 – 2, we explained where to locate the best position for the bed. Now the bed itself is our current topic. Later issues will explore the contributions of each Gua in the room; the effects of colors and art, and lastly a section on the unseen vibrations & frequencies permeating inside the space.


The Bed     


Construction Materials

Frame:        Ideally, the bed frame should be made of solid wood and be quite strong without squeaks nor should it move when shaken. The portion supporting the mattress must also be strong whether it is made of boards or solid sections. A solid frame is your support in life.

Some Feng Shui texts recommend a metal frame such as wrought iron or brass beds for persons who have the elements of metal or water in their horoscope. I advise against this for two reasons: First the metal head boards are open and do not protect the head; more importantly, because the metal is conductive, it forms a draining connection to the energetic field of a person’s aura and causes distortion to the etheric body. Over the long term, it is disruptive to one’s health.

Since we are on this subject, many people today are becoming electro- sensitive and as such their bodies are super sensitive to anything electrical located around them. Such persons must avoid all metal in their bed. This includes metal bed frames, and metal springs in both mattress and box springs. Adjustable hospital type beds with an electric motor underneath are particularly to be avoided.

The bed should have legs to raise the bed off the floor and allow the CH’I to circulate under it. The height of the sleeping surface from the floor is important. No one, not even children should sleep for long periods of time with their mattress on the floor. The height should be the normally accepted height – somewhere around 23 to 27 inches off the floor.

Storage drawers under are not the best design. If already incorporated into your bed, be selective about what is stored in the drawers. Blankets and other light materials are acceptable. It is not the place for storing heavy or metal objects – especially not dangerous items such as knives or guns.

Yes, I have seen this more than once, including metal gun cabinets stored under the bed.

Head Board & foot board:     If the head of the bed is placed against a wall, no head board is necessary because the wall acts as a sort of headboard. However, a solid head board is preferable and it should at least be high enough to cover the back of the head. Like the frame, the head board must be anchored solidly. A shaky head board causes argumentation. Head boards with built in book cases will have shelves that give off a heavy amount of Shar Ch’I and some may have overhead sections with depressing downward Shar Ch’I.

A foot board is usually unnecessary unless the feet are aiming out a window or a doorway.

Styles and canopies:     Before buying the head board, check out the design art on it. Some designs at first glance appear artistic yet often they are not contributing. For example, some Louis XIV designs have lion’s heads on them. I doubt you will sleep comfortably while your subconscious is worried about being eaten during the night. Also, some ladies may want to take another look at their four poster beds. The posts can be very phallic – enough said. Generally speaking, simple styled beds such as sleigh beds are better choices.

By the way, bunk beds are a poor choice for children. They can be a lot of fun during the day, but sleeping in tight quarters (either the top or the bottom) causes headaches, nightmares and poor performance in school. Twin beds, even if crowded are a better choice.

If a canopy is insisted on by a client, I usually suggest against having a canopy that is made of metal or has heavy boards crossing overhead. A wooden canopy frame with a light fabric cover, on the other hand is acceptable. Sorry to burst some bubbles here, but mirrors on the canopy top are a big “No! No!.” Mirrors at the head board are problems too. In fact, any mirrors that reflect the bed in some way – like for instance, mirrored closet doors – are a problem.


Other Considerations:            The bed ought to be set level. A bed or mattress which slopes either toward the head or toward the feet will disturb the sleep because of imbalance and movement. Tilting to either left or right shifts the energy balance away from one of the partners with the lower of the two at a disadvantage because they are no longer equals.

You may not know that the Bagua can be overlaid on the bed and cures set in place accordingly (see orientation below). Cures placed on the bed (i.e. under the mattress) are powerful indeed.

The next Newsletter – Issue 4 will contain tips on bedroom cures.



OCTOBER 23 – 27, 2013

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“Feng Shui Keys – Selecting the Perfect Home and Office”

My book is now being carried by The Feng Shui Emporium (www.luckycat.com) – a good website for many BTB Feng Shui items. The library of The American Society of Dowsers (www.dowsers.org) also stocks my book. This is an interesting site for information on dowsing and dowsing products such a pendulum.

“Feng Shui Keys” helps to locate your dream home or office and allows you to quickly cull out those places with serious Feng Shui mistakes. Your home is your biggest money commitment, so be informed and protect your investment with a copy of “Feng Shui Keys”. To order go to: www.FengShuiKeys.com.




         We are being swamped today with harmful Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs). These detrimental energies are radiating from all sources of electric and electronic equipment such as radios, TVs, cell towers, wireless devices, and cell phones.

Medical reports continue to be published concerning damage to brain cell DNA and interrupted brain cell communication. There is evidence also of tumors and other immune system problems. Epidemiologists are quick to explain that the full impact of the EMFs such as tumors and cancer do not show up until 5 – 10 years later.

For your safety at work and that of your family at home you must not ignore this serious problem. Call to have a screening consultation to remedy or harmonize these harmful EMFs.



Dangerous earth energies called Geopathics are now becoming more prevalent in many homes and work spaces. They are similar in effects as EMFs except the Geopathics come out of the ground emanating from within the earth’s energetic grids. Geopathics will cause sickness, make any illness worse and/or prevent an existing illness from healing. Persons with terminal or long standing health problems are highly likely to be sleeping or sitting on spots with Geopathics.

         In many parts of Europe and especially Germany, “it is considered mal-practice to not recommend to a patient to have a dowser check for Geopathics in the home of a person with a long term illness” (A direct quote from the late Dr. Hans Nieper – world famous German research oncologist).

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