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May 30, 2013

In this issue I would like to present the concept of description and how it can have amazing effects upon our lives and attitudes.

To begin, Cosmic Awareness – the same source as Edgar Cayce’s – provides us with the Law of Description:

The Law of Description is that law which serves as a tool for creative purposes. This as likened unto the paint brush of the artist, the chisel of the sculptor. Description as that which carves out images, creates boundaries, creates shapes and forms, creates limitations, creates confinements and creates also those concepts which expand those boundaries to release from confinement. The law of description knows no morality. The law of description is capable of creating anything for any entity.” (Excerpted from Cosmic Awareness Communications)

We must beware of the law of description and how we use it, for we can paint ourselves into a box that is hard to escape from. If we say we are this and not that nor that or we say I can’t do this or I hate this, we are definitely creating a box or a trap. I could say: I am a conservative, nerdy guy, short, a dyed in the wool New Englander. I am one who dislikes meat, cheese, people dressed in white and black; I don’t look good in green and so on. It doesn’t take long for you to see what I am doing to myself by owning all those narrowing descriptions of myself. Conversely I may expand my horizons by altering how I “see” myself. I would rather say I am an opened minded person who is interested in and loves all kinds of things and positive experiences. Even though born in New England, I am a citizen of the world, loving life and all people, all races. The difference in description and how I feel as I state the latter description is obvious.

In my training with the Kahunas, it was interesting to see that they were keenly aware of the effects of description. They never applied labels to anyone or anything. In healing sessions, for example, they observed symptoms but never applied crippling diagnoses like cancer of diabetes because of the massive negative energy coupled to the words. Incurable was not in their vocabulary.

Based on the Law of Description, it is a very revealing exercise to take a close look at all our statements which describe us. Here is a final example: By simply saying “we are not techies”, we are creating a wall that makes it difficult to understand and learn how to operate technical things such as computers and cell phones – and then we wonder why all kinds of issues pop up when we use those same gadgets.

What does your description box look like? How many self descriptions can you find about yourself that are limiting you and how many do you find that free you?


Inside Space – The Master Bedroom

General comments

In issue 2013 – 1, we considered shape factors and their influence on the Feng Shui of the Master bedroom. Now we will explain where to locate the best position for the bed. Later issues will delve into: The bed itself; the contributions of each Gua; The effects of colors and art, and lastly a section on the unseen vibrations & frequencies permeating inside the space.

Bed Location

In Issue 1, we saw that the constraints and effects of the room shape and design determined the only possible location(s) of the bed. Black Sect Tibetan Feng Shui lays out 4 general rules for the choosing best location of the bed. These rules can be applied to any room shape, but for ease of understanding we will relate the choices to a simple basic room layout.

  1. The bed should be placed in a commanding position – that is to say it should have the best view of the entire room.
  2. The person(s) lying in the bed should be able to see the door. It is important to be able to easily see the door/entrance without having to make a special effort like sitting up or twisting around in an uncomfortable position. When one cannot see the door, the body subconscious is un-easy thus prevents restful sleep.
  3. The bed should not be in line with the door. In other words, if you are standing in the doorway looking straight ahead into the room, the bed should not lie directly ahead. An explanation of this rule involves understanding the CH’I of the doorway: In sacred geometry, a door is actually a portal which is an accelerator of CH’I. So, in this case, energy is being speeded up and aimed directly at the bed producing undesirable results.
  4. The person’s feet must not point straight out the door. This bed position does not auger well since ‘dead people are carried out feet first’.

Following these rules, we discover only three positions that are the best Feng Shui. (See Diagram below)

Positions 1, 2, 3 are the only ones that fulfill all the requirements of rules A, B, C, D.

Position 4 does not meet rules C & D. Placement 5 fails rules A & C while 6 & 7 do not meet rule B. Bed position 8 is in the doorway and violates rule C.

Of course, as we saw in the last Issue, the placement of windows, sliding doors, bathroom doors and closets further complicate the choice of the best Feng Shui location for the Master bed. If you compare your sketch (Issue 1) of your own Master with the above rules and the examples of the previous issue, you should be able to come up with the best Feng Shui location. Because of all the variables however, additional cures will need to be added whenever the CH’I is blocked or conversely accelerated by placement of secondary doors and windows.

In the next Newsletter – Issue 3 look for the Feng Shui requirements of the bed itself. I’m sure you will find it interesting.

“Feng Shui Keys – Selecting the Perfect Home and Office”

This book is truly a handy “take with you” guide to use when planning to purchase or lease land, a business or a home. In addition, it explains Feng Shui in simple, easy to understand language.

“Feng Shui Keys” will help you to locate your dream home or office and allow you to quickly cull out those places with serious Feng Shui mistakes. Your home is your biggest money commitment, so be informed and protect your investment with a copy of “Feng Shui Keys”. To order go to: www.FengShuiKeys.com.

 A special Note:

As a dowser with many years experience working to understand and remedy certain unseen influences, I would like to remind and again warn my readers about EMFs & Geopathics. Technical advances with cell phones, towers and wifi are literally drowning us in dangerous EMFs. Furthermore, the plethora of EMF sources has exacerbated another home health problem called Geopathics – which basically are a contamination of the earth grids. These grids are acting like antennae and broadcasting EMFs from the ground.

You must become knowledgeable about EMF dangers. While there are many articles about cell phone dangers to “Google” on sites such as www.mercola.com, very little is available on Geopathics beyond dowsing circles. www.dowsers.org. “Feng Shui Keys” has a couple of chapters on this subject, and I am available as a resource too.


We are being swamped today with harmful Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs). These detrimental energies are radiating from all sources of electric and electronic equipment such as radios, TVs, cell towers, wireless devices, and cell phones.

Medical reports continue to be published concerning damage to brain cell DNA and interrupted brain cell communication. There is evidence also of tumors and other immune system problems. Epidemiologists are quick to explain that the full impact of the EMFs such as tumors and cancer do not show up until years later.

For your safety at work and that of your family at home you must not ignore this serious problem. Call to have a screening consultation to remedy or harmonize these harmful EMFs.


Dangerous earth energies called Geopathics are now becoming more prevalent in many homes and work spaces. They are similar in effects as EMFs except the Geopathics come out of the floor emanating from within the earth’s energetic grids. Geopathics will make any illness worse and/or prevent an illness from healing. Persons with terminal or long standing health problems are highly likely to be sleeping or sitting on spots with Geopathics.

In many parts of Europe and especially Germany, “it is considered mal-practice to not recommend to a patient to have a dowser check for Geopathics in the home of a person with a long term illness” (A direct quote from the late Dr. Hans Nieper – world famous German research oncologist).

Call or email the office for additional information and a quote.

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