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March 19, 2013

At first blush, it appears to me like the whole world is becoming even more wacky– off the deep edge than 2012! Everywhere I look, whether it’s in the news, government or society in general, chaos or disarray is displayed.                            My personal choice is to not expend any more energy or fear this year about what we are being fed. I believe it’s time for us to move beyond the illusion controlling us and to get to work creating the better world, the better life anywhere and everywhere we can. Enough is enough and it’s now up to us – You and I – to clean things up! Thinking this way really resonates well within me and allows me to make clearer decisions and move forward without paralysis. If you are not already doing the same, try this yourself and see how it works for you.

By the way…

         Did you know that in many parts of Europe and especially Germany, “it is considered mal-practice to not recommend to a patient to have a dowser check for Geopathics in the home of a person with a long term illness” (A direct quote from Dr. Hans Nieper – world famous German research oncologist).

Feng Shui Tip

Inside Space – Continued

The Master Bedroom

General comments

In 2012 we discussed the kitchen, dining room, living room, home office and children’s rooms. We will talk now about the Master Bedroom – the most important room. There are a number of facets to this room that require considerable explanation. Let’s break it down into segments such as: Shape factors, the bed itself and the aspects of each Gua area. Following all that would be a discussion on the effects of colors and art. Lastly a final section on the unseen vibrations & frequencies permeating inside. And so we begin with shape factors.

Shape Factors

         Basic Shape When I speak of shape, I am speaking of the room’s boundaries – walls, windows and doors that form the shape of the bedroom. The walls include exterior ones and the walls that connect – adjoin other rooms or spaces. One must include the walls of any room or space that can only be accessed once inside the room. Typically that would be a bathroom, closets, and sitting room. These are to be considered as part of the room.

Work with a plan if available, otherwise make a sketch that is reasonably to scale and mark the outline. It does not have to be an architectural marvel of a drawing yet accurate enough to correctly ascertain the shape. Draw in windows and doorways and direction the doors open: (i.e. in /out, swinging left or right). Note direction of North on the drawing. Next show the location of the bed and major pieces of furniture such as bureaus, night stands, sofas, chairs and mirrors. You will be able to utilize this drawing in this issue and in subsequent issues, so save it!

Below are some rough sketches of varying shapes to help you visualize what I am attempting to convey. In sketch “A” the bath is upper right and closet lower left. Following the outer edges one sees a crude upside down boot shape while the interior sleeping area is a rectangle.

For the bed room analysis one must consider the entire shape as a possible boot. Note that the bath and closet are a necessary consideration. The only bed position for this room is with the bed on the TOP wall. The CH’I enters through the door and flows counter-clockwise (CC) then mostly exits the sliding glass door to the right. You can see that not much CH’I flows into the bath or the closet.

For ‘B” the CH’I flows straight ahead with most CH’I going out the window, then what’s left flows around CC with some flow into the open Bath doorway. The overall shape for “B” is square. The bed could be placed on the TOP or the LEFT wall.

You may repeat this process for C, D. Note that the door for “C” is on a slant in the SE corner. Using a bit of imagination one can determine “C” to be a cleaver with the cutting blade on the BOTTOM wall. Here the bed could be located on the LEFT or the BOTTOM wall. “D” is square and the bed has to go against the TOP wall.

You can see that by simply analyzing the shape and CH’I flow, one can begin to intuit the Feng Shui of the room.

When we delve into the future sections on Bed Placement and the Bagua, you will be able to glean much more insight into the condition of your own master bedroom.

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