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December 21, 2012

For those of us who have been tracking the predictions surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar, December 2012 is finally here. So far, predictions of the end of the world on the 21st appear to be rather unlikely. The volcanic eruptions and earthquakes have moderated and severe storms appear to be taking their place. Most people’s personal focus is shifting into a holiday mood while the feeling of time compression continues to increase.

From my perspective however, I have been feeling lately that the overall energies are improving. I sense more at ease handling perturbations and challenges this month than the previous months. A certain amount of tension and stress has lifted and now as problems arise, they are resolved more easily and with less emotion. Have you felt that way too?

It may be my imagination, but everything appears a bit brighter. For example, when I’m outside walking, colors of nature – trees, plants, flowers appear to be brighter, clearer, and sharper. I can’t explain it although I suspect it is related to the higher frequencies we are experiencing.

Life may be a little more exciting between now and the first of the year, so stay connected with your loved ones – family and friends. Experience the best joy this time can bring and do amp up your “Inner Light” more than usual for the remaining of the year. Happy Holidays!

Feng Shui Tip

Inside Space – Continued

The Dining Room

General comments

The Dining Room is best located towards the front of the home but the table should not be in direct view from the front door. Nevertheless, it is one of the first rooms seen as one enters the home’s foyer, the look and feel should be inviting. As such, it should create an invitation to a grand feast. 

Factors to Consider

Table and Chairs

         Choose rich colors and woods for the table and chairs. Your guests ought to feel comfortable and so the chairs must be somewhat comfortable, rather than hard, stiff and straight.

Round or oval tables have better Feng Shui than square or rectangular ones. To get around this dilemma, purchase the rectangular or square table with well rounded corners. Glass table tops have the worst Feng Shui. You see through to the legs and the CH’I does the same causing the food energy to leave the table. Furthermore, the edges of the plane surface act as knives aimed right at the guests’ stomachs adding indigestion to the meal. Glass tables look very classy and modern but cold, thus hardly add comfort. If you must have the glass table, use a table cloth to cover it during dining.


The longest wall close to the kitchen typically has a buffet along it so a large gilded framed mirror can be appropriate to hung there. The mirror adds brightness, amplifies the CH’I of whatever food or silverware is placed on the buffet and the server can see the table. The opposite wall would normally have art related to food and eating. A good choice is an oil painting or print of some fruit, a fruit bowl or other types of food. Occasionally, an art piece depicting people enjoying a meal, drinks and conversation can be a good substitute to the fruit. Either way art must convey abundance. Finally, add a few flowers or a few plants and perhaps a small tree that fits well in one of the available corners.

Lighting and More

         Select lighting that can be adjusted to the setting and mood you wish to attain. There ought to be some manner of indirect lighting available also to use when the center lighting or chandelier is too overpowering. Candles are great for effect – but then, you already know this.

A word about chandeliers – no, I think it’s lots of words about chandeliers! Many interior designers set the chandelier height off the table much too low. In my opinion, it gets in the way, and may cause discomforting glare, and can block the view. The argument for placing it low is that it is the traditional placement agreed to in the design criteria for dining rooms for the best appearance. OK that may be traditional and customary but that does not make it right. Here is my Feng Shui reason for raising the chandelier up much higher: Reason Number 1. Chandeliers, especially large and/or heavy ones, by their weight and design send heavy negative energy down upon the table and onto the food thereby destroying the nutritional CH’I of the food. Reason Number 2. That same heavy energy focused on the table creates arguments.

I’m sure you will agree that this is the very opposite effect you wish to achieve when entertaining and dining. In case you still do not “get it,” try this: Energize one of your palms so that it is sensitized. Now slowly pass your hand, palm up, a few inches away and across the underside the chandelier. If you are sensitive at all, you will feel the oppressing energy on your palm as you slowly scan across the bottom.

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Hawaiian Ho’o Pono Pono

         The Ho’o Pono Pono process is needed more than ever.

         The Process of Setting Things Right is a fantastic and powerful process for healing past karmic or present relationships between people, events and even works with your own subconscious!

I have taught the Ho’o Pono Pono since the early eighties and I use it almost daily in my Feng Shui profession and personal life. It has always produced a result and I am constantly amazed and thankful for being able to share the Ho’o Pono Pono with you.

The method is taught in a one day session at an affordable fee. It is my hope and desire that everyone has the opportunity to learn and utilize the Ho’o Pono Pono.

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Dowsing Classes

The Art of Dowsing: Anyone can easily learn to dowse, and everyone should learn this valuable tool. It has so many life saving uses. Dowsing can discover hidden issues with health, measure food energy, gain allergy insight, locate and remedy harmful Geopathics, find lost objects and locate water – just to name a few uses!

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We are being swamped with harmful Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs). These detrimental energies are radiating from all kinds of broadcasting towers such as radio, TV, cell towers, wireless devices, cell phones and other sources.

Medical reports continue to be published concerning damage to brain cell DNA and interrupted brain cell communication. There is evidence also of tumors and other immune system problems. These harmful energies need to be harmonized. 


Dangerous earth energies called Geopathics are also in evidence now in many homes. They are similar in source to EMFs except the Geopathics emanate from within the earth’s energetic grids. Geopathics will make any illness worse and/or prevent an illness from healing.

In many parts of Europe and especially Germany, “it is considered

mal-practice to not recommend to a patient to have a dowser check for Geopathics in the home of a person with a long term illness” (The late Dr. Hans Nieper – world famous German research oncologist).

Call or email the office for a quote. 

Final note: 

In my years of practice, I have found that clients make changes to their homes and fail to evaluate the Feng Shui consequences. Even small changes can have an unexpected consequence. Have a question about a change you made to your house, a piece of furniture, painting or a color scheme you are not sure about? Has someone’s life, finances or health taken a sudden or drastic turn? Call for a phone consultation.

For any service not mentioned, questions, or any inquires, call my office. It would be my pleasure to speak with you.

The Best Feng Shui Luck to you.

Louis Audet




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