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“Tempus Fugit!” Boy how time is flying fast! Seems to me I just wrote the last newsletter and I’m surprised that it was back in February.

In my last newsletter I spoke of the Cosmic Awareness reading that outlined the possibilities of New Being – the new human evolution towards greater love and compassion for each other, humanity and the planet as a whole. Because I feel this is an important component of the 2012 shift, I plan to discuss the New Being a bit more in this and subsequent postings.

The New Being is one wherein Love and Mercy are the foremost and fundamental attributes of all humans. Awareness describes Love as a Cosmic Law.

The Law of Love: The Law of Love is that law which places the welfare, and the concern and the feelings of others above self. The Law of Love is that close affinity with all forces that we associate with as good. The Law of Love is that force which denies the existence of evil in the world, and resists not evil. Love is the course of least resistance.

This Law or Principle is, in essence, an updated version of “Do unto others…” and is one of the two components of New Being. Symbolically, the Law of Love is represented by two intertwined gold rings.

I think I will let that sink in for a while and provide the Law of Mercy next time.

Meanwhile, I wonder if you have been following the recent revelations of David Wilcox on his website: www.DivineCosmos.com.

Feng Shui Tip

First, an Explanation

While reading this section, you will notice that I do not provide cures to specific Feng Shui problems. BTB Feng Shui cures are both secret and sacred. I am bound by my lineage to require a donation or a fee in red envelopes whenever a cure is revealed. To do otherwise could bring harm to me and to you as well. The cures are also part of my art and as such are considered trade secrets. If you are in need of Feng Shui related to these tips, call or email me for a consultation. Thank you for your understanding.

Inside Space – Continued

Issue 2012 -1 explained the Feng Shui of the Office and Study. This time we will evaluate a most important space: A Child’s Bedroom.

Children’s Bedrooms.

General comments

Much of a child’s behavior within the home, the family and even at school is reflected by the bed placement, decor and condition of the bed room. I cannot stress enough that the Feng Shui of a child’s bedroom has a major effect on their behavior and health. Miraculous improvement in a seemingly troublesome child’s behavior has occurred with simple changes and cures of his or her bedroom. If a toddler keeps on wanting to sleep with mom and dad instead of its own bed, you can be sure there is something wrong with the room and not the child.

Bed Placement

The bed should not be placed where it is in line with the bedroom door as the strong CH’I will from the door will ‘attack’ the child and cause difficulty sleeping soundly. The child’s bed should be placed such that he or she can see the door from the bed. Hopefully, the feet are not aligned with the bathroom door either.

Be aware of what is behind the wall that the bed, especially the head, is placed. For example, bathrooms, electronics, and power panels are some of the things to watch out for.

While it is OK for little children to have their bed in a corner or against a wall, at 12 and older, “teens” should not have ether side of their bed against a wall – only the head of the bed.


Remember that children are many times more sensitive to their environment than adults. Children’s bedrooms should be somewhat yin and decorated simply in order to be conducive to calm and beneficial sleep. Yang – bright colors – may be too enervating and prevent a child from relaxing. Lighting and ceiling fans over the bed are best avoided. Shelves and bookcases should not be positioned above the head.

Be very careful of posters, art, signs and sayings, toys and animals. Each of these has a message that is subliminal and may affect the imagination of a young person even when asleep! For example, skull art is in vogue with the younger set. No matter if you think differently, a skull always represents death and for obvious reasons is better to not be worn as adornment, nor posted in the bedroom.

Other considerations

         Unseen energies such as troublesome entities, Geopathics, wireless and cell phone towers are problematic as well.

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 New this Year!

            I have just completed the creation of a One Year Feng Shui Certification Program. It consists of only three week end seminars, each three days long. The training is followed by a practicum that is self paced. The program is certified by The International College of Classical Chinese Medicine (ICCCM) in Phoenix. Class schedule for 2012 is July 20, 21, 22; and Oct 19, 20, 21. Further details and cost can be obtained by contacting me at 480-345-1678.

 Hawaiian Ho’o Pono Pono

             Our first Ho’o Pono Pono class of the year was held in Phoenix Feb 18th. The class was full even though I didn’t get the opportunity to announce it on my website or mailing list. Additional classes will be scheduled.

The Ho’o Pono Pono process is needed more than ever this 2012.

            The Process of Setting Things Right is a most wonderful and powerful process for healing past or present relationships between people and even works with your own subconscious!

I have continually taught the Ho’o Pono Pono since the early eighties and I use it almost daily in my Feng Shui profession and personal life. I can say that it has always produced a result and I am constantly amazed and thankful for learning it and being able to share it with others.

For those wishing to learn the Ho’o Pono Pono, I am willing to travel to teach it. If you would like to host a Ho’o Pono Pono workshop in your area, call me.

I teach the system in a one day session at an affordable fee. It is my hope and desire that everyone has the opportunity to learn and utilize the Ho’o Pono Pono.

Basic Feng Shui Intensive Workshops:

The workshops are two-day Feng Shui intensive workshops. The first day is classroom instruction. The second day is ‘hands on’ practical experience working on two homes plus additional training. No prior Feng Shui knowledge is required. I have taught this workshop for many years now and it has received wide acclaim for its in-depth content and ease of understanding. Write to fengshuilou@aol.com for information.

Dowsing Classes

The Art of Dowsing: Anyone can easily learn to dowse. Everyone should learn this valuable tool. It has so many life saving uses. Dowsing can discover hidden issues with health, measure food energy, gain allergy insight, locate and remedy harmful Geopathics, find lost objects and locate water – just to name a few!

Please call 480.345.1678, e-mail fengshuilou@aol.com for questions, and workshop information. All workshop dates & locations will be announced as they form.

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On site, home and business evaluation appointments. Call the office 480.345.1678 or e-mail fengshuilou@aol.com to set up your appointment. Travel costs outside of metro Phoenix are usual and ordinary. If I am already in your area for a workshop or other reasons, travel expenses may be reduced.

New Client Home Evaluation
Please call or email to arrange a consultation. Fees are flat rates and are not based on hours.

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We are being swamped with harmful Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF). These detrimental energies are coming from all kinds of broadcasting towers such as radio, TV, cell towers, wireless devices, cell phones and other sources.

Data continues to pour in about damage to brain cell DNA and interrupted cellular communication. There is evidence also of tumors and other immune system problems.


Dangerous earth energies called Geopathics are also in evidence now in many homes. They are similar in source to EMFs except the Geopathics emanate from within the earth’s energetic grid system.

In many parts of Europe and especially Germany, “it is considered mal-practice to not recommend to a patient to have a dowser check for Geopathics in the home of a person with a long term illness” (The late Dr. Hans Nieper – world famous German research oncologist).

Dowsing is normally included with every Feng Shui evaluation. However, if Geopathic Dowsing services are needed separately, please call or email the office for a quote.

 Final Note

In my 25 years of practice, I have found that clients make changes to their homes and forget to evaluate the Feng Shui consequences. Even small changes can have an unexpected consequence. Have a question about a change you made to your house, a piece of furniture, painting or a color scheme you are not sure about? Has someone’s life, finances or health taken a sudden or drastic turn? Call for a phone consultation.

For any service not mentioned, questions, or any inquires, call my office. It would be my pleasure to speak with you.

My best Feng Shui Luck to you.

Louis Audet






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