It has been a long time since I have been in touch and even longer since I have sent out information about myself and my services.   I trust each of you and your families are doing well as we move through a changing planet towards higher vibrations.

For me, 2009 started with an exciting trip to Paris. While there, I explored the Feng Shui & Geomantic architecture of obelisks and cathedrals. Of course chocolate, good coffee and the use of my first language made it fun too.  Along with riding the waves of energy, so far this year has been a successful and exciting time.

I am well aware that many are not fairing so well. Government statistics, news media and the economy remind us that this is a challenging time.  I would like to take the opportunity to suggest to those of you who have never utilized my services, that if hardship is your current experience, this would be a good time to use Feng Shui to improve and vitalize your prosperity.

For my previous clients, I remind you that optimum Feng Shui is a must. Have you moved, re-decorated or made changes? Did you finish the Feng Shui plan we made together? It is definitely time to re-align and re-vitalize your home and business by re-evaluating your current Feng Shui environment!  This is likened unto a tried and true ship preparing to cross the sea on a long journey. Stormy waters and uncertainty can be crossed best with all leaks sealed and necessary repairs made to ensure the ship is sea-worthy and can ride out any storm.